Affiliate Marketing Examples

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

There are so many websites which promotes affiliate programs. In this post, we discussed few examples of affiliate marketing.

Example 1 : 

This site describes the vision problem and how to improve vision naturally. Visitors who visits this site learns about various vision problems, eye exercises and diet that has to be followed to improve vision.

      When you first visit this site you will find lot information about vision problems, exercises and lot of articles that gives information about vision with Read More link.

      On the right hand side, there is affiliate program this site is using. “Rebuild your Vision” is a affiliate program this site is using and promoting. For example, if a visitor visits and clicks on “Rebuild your Vision” banner, he will be navigated to site. If visitor buys their product then gets commission.

It is a small niche (i.e. a small market) that attracts about 13000 visitors in a month and generates about $1000 to $1500 per month.

 Example 2: is a blog that has great content about family values, healthy diet, environment, and all about home, family and good health. The blog owner is Tiffany, she build this site so that she could earn from it. This site has very good reviews on the site.

      As we scroll down the home page we will find blog and products that she recommends. Here is her most popular post.

      Here she is recommending “Castile soap” in her blog post. For this She is using Amazon’s affiliate program and Amazon will pay her commissions if visitor purchase this product from her site. This a very good example of recommending products and generate revenue for your blog.

Example 3:

There are lot of websites that earn money through Google AdSense. is one of such website. It has lot of contents that is useful to visitors and a section which contains ads with “Ads by Google”. It also promotes some affiliate programs but the main earnings is through AdSense that pays for clicks.

      Lot of people search on Hair styles but there is no much affiliate programs for this market. Even though earning lot of money through AdSense.

This site earns around $40 per day, which is $1,200 per month, which is over Rs.70,000/- per month. So if you create sites like this you can earn huge amount of money.

Example 4: Earning money without a website

Money can be make in affiliate marketing without having websites. Creating videos related to particular product and uploading that video in You tube and any other video sharing websites. Here Affiliate link has to be added in the description of video so people who are interested in that product can buy through clicking that link.So that commission can be earned.

      So it is not necessary to have website to do affiliate marketing. But it is recommended to have website to become complete digital marketer.

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