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Affiliate Marketing Program – Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a best way to earn extra income online if you have a blog or website. The Amazon affiliate program, also called as Amazon Associates, allows you to earn 4 percent or more on purchases made using a link on your blog or website.

Amazon is a online shopping site, leader in e-commerce and offers online retail, consumer electronics and much more. Millions of people spend lot of money on Amazon each year on purchasing products in Amazon and the affiliate can get some commission by incorporating Amazon’s affiliate program as part of his website content when visitor purchase something through his link.

Follow below steps to join Amazon affiliate program

Step 1: Go to link and click on “Join for Free”

amazon affiliate programStep 2: Enter your email address and select “I am a new customer”

amazon affiliate sign in

Step 3: Enter your details like name, password for registration.

amazon affiliate registerStep 4 : Enter your account details in this step.

amazon affiliate accountStep 5 : Enter information about website you created.

amazon affiliate website

Step 6 : After finished with filling website details you will be redirected to Thank you page. Here unique associate Id is generated and you can use this in your website or blog to promote amazon products.

amazon affiliate thank you pageStep 7: Click on “Specify payment method now” button to enter your payment details.

amazon affiliate paymentStep 8 : On submitting account details you will be redirecting to Amazon associate platform.

amazon affiliate associateStep 9 : Now your application is approved and you can login to your Amazon affiliate panel. Click on links and banners and click on product links.

amazon affiliate product linksStep 10 : There are two options to search product. Search for product or add ASIN/ISBN Code of individual product. second one is easy and fast.You can find more information about ASIN/ISBN codes here.

amazon affiliate product searchStep 11 : First search for product which is relevant to your website or blog. You can search for any product in homepage. Once you have find the product, enter ASIN code for product in the box shown in above image.

Next select the type of ad you would like to include. Once you have selected the type, you will get your HTML code. You can add it in your website or blog to promote it.

Earn Money by Advertising Amazon Products

You can earn upto 15% in referrals by advertising Amazon Products.

  • Advertise amazon products in your website
  • People visit amazon through your link.
  • You will paid 15% of commission when they purchase on amazon site.

Advantages of Amazon Affiliate program

Trusted Global Brand

Amazon is trusted brand which ensures a good customer experience for your visitors, so there are more chances of better conversions and higher commissions for you

Commission Rates are high

Commission rate for electronics are 5% , 15% on Shoes & Clothing, and 10% on all other products. so you can earn better commission on all products.

Get Paid for All Sales

You will be get paid for all the products that customer buys by following your links, not only products that you promote.



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