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Affiliate Marketing Program – SNAPDEAL

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Now, it is a time, we start joining affiliate programs. It is more important to join the right programs. There are so many best affiliate marketing programs that you can join and earn money. Some programs may reject your application, so do not worry about that. It is important  to have a website or blog to join any affiliate program. It is not necessary that you join all the programs. If you don’t have any website then simply use your blog to apply. Once your application is accepted, you will receive links which you can promote. You can use these links in your website or blog to promote it. Also you can post these links daily on your Facebook wall and send an email to all your contacts in your contact list on email account.

You can think other possible ways to promote these links. You can join Affiliate marketing program without paying any money. It is free. You can contact support team on site whose products you are promoting if you are facing any difficulty.

Consider a example of SNAPDEAL affiliate marketing program which is described below.



STEP 1 : Go to link “” and click on “Join Now”.



Step 2 : You need to enter your sign up, details in the next page.


Step 3 : Enter your account details


Step 4 : You will be redirected to home page once you submit your account details.


Step 5 : In the same home page you can search for products that you want to promote and generate unique  link for it.


Step 6 : Once you generate affiliate URL for the product you want to promote you can use it in your website or blogs for promotion.

The parameter highlighted in blue refers to your affiliate id.

If the visitor visits snapdeal website through this link and made any purchases then will be credited with referral fee.

Commissions & Payments :

For Content partners*:
Electronic Categories – 10% commission of the Sale Amount and maximum of Rs. 1250 per sale.
All Other Categories – 20% commission of the Sale Amount and maximum of Rs. 1250 per sale.

For Shopping partners*:

Electronic Categories – 2.5% commission of the Sale Amount or maximum of Rs. 2500 per sale.
All Other Categories – 12% commission of the Sale Amount or maximum of Rs. 400 per sale.

Important points to be noted.

  • The orders would be approved after 30 days of the transaction recorded.
  • Cancelled/Returned orders would not be eligible for the referral fee.
  • Cookie duration in SNAPDEAL affiliate program would be 24 hours.


For any clarifications, please write to






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