Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This post is like an  Affiliate Marketing guide which contains basic information about Affiliate Marketing. 

1) What is affiliate marketing?

      Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you promote someone else’s product and you get a commission on the sale. You don’t need to buy the product, stock it or provide any after sales support.

2)How does affiliate marketing Work?

Step-1: You join an affiliate network.

Step-2: You pick up an offer to promote. It could be any online product or service. It can be referring people to fill a form on a dating website (like, or recommending them an online store to buy clothes from( Like There are thousands of such offers to promote across the globe.

Step-3: Once you choose an offer to promote, you’ll be provided with your own unique link to that offer. You’ll use this link to promote the selected offer. (Leave the technical details to special software, included by default in the affiliate program.)

Step-4: When anyone visits the offer through your unique link and completes the desired action (like filling a form or purchasing something), you’ll be paid a commission. 

Step-5: Your commissions will keep accumulating in the affiliate network you have joined. You’ll get paid from the affiliate networks on a weekly or monthly basis.


The above diagram illustrates about affiliate marketing.

By  now, you may have got basic idea about Affiliate Marketing. You will learn further things like which affiliate program to join, which offers you can promote, how to promote etc.

This Affiliate Marketing guide explains you very basic things you should know before starting affiliate marketing. 



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