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A blog will help you to promote your business or profession. Or you can create blog to write something you love and share with people. You can add affiliate links in your blogs and earn money by selling their products. 

There are 3 points that you should consider before starting a blog. First is coming up with an idea; second is how to make your blog useful for other people; and third is creating a blog on

PART 1: Selecting the topic

First thing you should do to write a blog is coming up with an idea. Selecting the topic which you love or a topic on which you can speak a lot and put it into words. Here are few recommended topics that will help you to start a blog.

  • Food& Nutrition
  • Fitness/Weight Loss
  • Body Building
  • Education
  • Skin Care/Cosmetics
  • Babies
  • Technology/Gadgets

You can also write about your business or profession in a blog.

PART 2: How to make your blog useful to your readers?

If blog is useful to visitors, then traffic will increase. Here are some ideas for connecting with people.

    • Teach People Something – If you are expert in a particular area then share your knowledge with people who would like to know more about it.


    • Provide Information on Latest technology and News– If you have expertise on a particular topic, then you would keep up with the news and trends related to the topic. The news that you provide should be ‘insider’ news. This will increase the readership of your blog.


    • Writing things which makes people laugh – Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine in today’s world. If you can get a person to laugh while reading what you have written, then people will visit your blog. Write things in a creative and funny way so that they love to come to your blog. 


    • Writing Inspirational stories – You can also share inspirational stories like, maybe you have recovered from a serious ailment and have overcome it bravely! Or, maybe you fought for your rights. If you would like to inspire others from your stories, share it with others and motivate them to overcome from their problems.

Visit other popular blogs to get information about how they are doing it, what are the main points they are using to make it popular. Make use of Google for this research.

Few things you should remember that you should not blog about. Do not give out names and write about your workplace, share secrets or information that can cause trouble for other people. If you are writing about your workplace, then you should be aware of what is and what is not permissible.

PART 3: Creating blog on

Google has its owns blog creation site, By using this site you get the additional benefit of being able to use Google’s blog management tools.

Follow below steps to create blog in

Step 1 – You need Google account for creation of blog using site. If you don’t have, the first step is to sign up for an account. Register for a Google account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button that is located at the top corner on the right side. 

Step 2 – Click on ‘New Blog’.


Step 3 – Choose a blog name and your blog address. For this, you can select a template from the options given or see more options and change it later.

After choosing the template, select ‘Create Blog’.


Step 4 – Click on ‘New Post’


Step 5 Under posting tab, new posts can be created, edit existing posts. The title of the post should be placed in the text box next to “Post”. The body of your post will be entered into the “Compose” text editor.


Step 6: To make your post in HTML format, you can also use the “Edit HTML” tab.


Step 7: The “publish” tab will enable reader comments, HTML settings, and date and time for the post.


 Step 8: Click on preview button to see how your blog looks.


By doing these steps blog is ready. But there are few points that should be remember while doing blogs.

First is your blog should be active always. That means you should be consistent with maintaining your blog and focus on action.

Even if you create many blogs you should keep this active and work to make it successful. Consistency and interaction are main things for successful blogging.

There are millions of people who has their own blog so, they have ads on their blogs and earn a lot of money through their blogs. Your blog will become popular if you give useful information to people.

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