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When you start affiliate marketing , affiliate programs pay money monthly or weekly basis. There are many number of methods through they can pay you money like netbanking, through cheque etc..There is a popular method which is used especially when working internationally is PayPal

What is PayPal? 

PayPal is like online bank which allows people to transfer their money through internet. When you start earning money through online they will pay money into your PayPal account. For this you need to attach your bank details to your PayPal account so, you can transfer you money from PayPal account to bank account.

 If you don’t have bank account, even though you can have PayPal account. But your account is considered as unverified PayPal account. Unverified accounts have certain limitations while sending and receiving money. 

To open a PayPal account, PAN card and email address are necessary.You can use your parent’s PAN card if you don’t have yours. If you are going to create account using your father’s PAN card, make sure that you have to use your father’s name while creating account. Here the money will be transferred to your father’s account because PayPal user account name, PAN card Name and user bank account name should be same. So provide correct information while creating the account.

Note: In PayPal you don’t need an account number to send and receive money. You need only your PayPal email address. If you tell anybody your email address, they can send money to your account.

Creating a PayPal account is free. There is no need of any credit or debit card to open an account. But you can add a card after you opening an account. Having card is useful if you want to buy something online but for those you want to earn money through online cards are not necessary.

PayPal is very secure. It is impossible to hack your account. Remember your email address and password to login account. Do not share these details with anybody. 

Please follow below steps to create PayPal account. 

Step 1: Go to the site 


STEP 2: Click on the sign up button. Select Individual Account. Click ‘Continue’. 


 Step 3 : Select country as ‘India’ and fill the fields Email address, password, Re-enter password  and captcha fields  then click on continue.

STEP 4: Fill the form completely. The information should be same as your PAN card details.


Step 5 : Check the check box to agree terms and condition and click “Agree and create account”.


Step 6 :Fill your credit or debit card details and click on Link card button.


Step 7 : Your account has been created now. Click on Start Shopping link.


Step 8: Now you will be redirected t home page. Click on Confirm Mobile number icon to confirm your mobile number.


Step 9: Enter confirmation code you received in your mobile number to confirm your phone number. 


Step 10: Now go back to main page and click on confirm email button.


Step 11: Click on “send Email” button. You will receive email to your inbox. Click a click “Click to activate your account” to confirm your email address.


Step 12: Click on Link a bank account.


Step 13: Enter your  account number, IFSC Code and click Continue.


Step 14: PayPal will send small deposit to your account and you need to enter those amounts in specified places.

Step 1: Click on Then, click ‘Purpose Code’ link. You will see this page. Select ‘Advertising and market research’.


  Once you finished with these steps , you will have PayPal account that you can used to take payments from affiliate networks. 

  In India PayPal has its office in Gurgaon, NCR. If you have any questions you can ask to helpdesk on their website and they will immediately contact you. PayPal quickly response to your questions.

 PayPal helpdesk site

 You can contact them at 1-800-212-3852

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