7 Proven E-commerce Checkout Optimizations to drive more conversion

7 Proven E-commerce Checkout Optimizations to drive more conversion

7 Proven E-commerce Checkout Optimizations to drive more conversion

E-Commerce market has achieved an amazing global output and has developed into a potentially important contributor to the global economy. But handling an e-Commerce site and business is not an easy task at all. It requires a different kind of essential elements and depends upon different economic social and productive factors for its success.
Checkout page optimization is a frequently overlooked area for retailers looking for routes to increase online revenue.

we have jotted down 7 best Checkout optimizations that may help you to get a better response and productivity from your e-Commerce site for better conversion. Let us begin:

1. Type of Page:


The first point which we are going to discuss is about the checkout page of your E-Commerce site. You need to choose between a good single Checkout page or a multi-checkout page. Try the one which you have not i.e. try a multi-checkout page if you have already tried a single checkout page. Planning on your checkout page is very important because it is the final step with a customer has to confirm. Also, provide the facility to select from multi-payment options such as Wallet, Credit/Debit card, Net Banking or Cash on Delivery. However, statistics have proved that single checkout pages have outperformed multi-checkout pages by a significant margin.

2. Influence of Speed:

Influence of Speed

Being able to do something faster influencers a lot of customers. Therefore it is very important for you to establish a good speed conversion rate for your check out pages. Interesting statistics have proven that a lot of customers back out from the purchase when they have to face lag issues or slow loading time in the final checkout. Therefore you lose out a lot of revenue if you have a slow loading page. Try to revamp your check out and increase the speed for much better results.

3.Do not distract:

When people are trying to buy something you must not distract them by flashing different kinds of offers or other products in front of them on the final checkout page. You must make sure that you are not distracting the customers when they are going to purchase a product because it is very easy for someone to get diverted to another topic. Therefore do not make your checkout page to clumsy and try to keep it as simple as possible. Try to remove the navigation bar, another kind of options when people are trying to check out with their purchase.

4. Influence of trust:

Trust surely plays its part in any kind of business. Similarly, when you are managing an ECommerce site you have to build up a good communication and trust between the customers and your company. Try to fill your site with more details about products you are offering and give them policies like exchange return etc. This way you can make sure that your customers surely check out with the product when they open your site. You can also add people or get a famous person to talk about your site and promote it.

5. Website notifications:

Website notifications

Providing with great website notification is a very productive way to keep your customers engaged into your e-Commerce site. Keep reminding them constantly about the great offers your site is offering them and how they can get the benefits. Statistics have proven that keeping your customers engaged with real-time notifications about different products. There are different ways by which you can do so and therefore you must try this way if you haven’t previously.

6. Review products:

Review products

We all like to get another look at the product which you are going to buy from somewhere. Don’t we? Similarly, give your customers the options review the purchase they are going to make. Statistics of proven that when e-commerce companies have added the option of reviewing the order, their sales have increased by a significant margin. Many times people would want to change their product and by something else and therefore you have to give them the opportunity to have a final look at the product they are going to check out with.

7. Overall Website build quality:

Overall Website build quality

Last but not the least your overall User experience of your E-Commerce site plays a very significant impact on customers willing to buy from your website. Therefore you need to bring necessary changes and revamped the checkout page or other elements present in your site so that it becomes much easier and interactive for your customers when they open your site. Go through important statistics and other case websites so that you can get a much better Insight into optimizing your checkout page. Whether you run your ECommerce website and want to better understand your audience to increase sales.

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