How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Website Development

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Website Development


Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the process of building a website can help developers automate certain unwieldy rule-based and repetitive tasks. This frees them up to focus on the more strategic aspects of website development such as creating the design and planning the UX and UI.

That’s the great thing about AI. Whether it is logo making, design conceptualization, creating blueprints, implementing websites, or performing web analytics, every task becomes quicker and error-free.

Here are a few ways in which AI can better a website:

Gathering and Analyzing Information

Instead of expending human effort to complete tasks such as collecting client information and requirements, and gathering user stories and reviews, website developers can employ AI-backed chatbots and voice assistants to do the job.

Apart from collating this information, AI-powered data extraction tools can analyze it to derive insights that can be used to formulate the website design and development tactics. This can be done with the help of a system that uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) commands, machine learning, algorithms, and so on.

Wix-powered websites, for instance, can use Visitor Analytics to understand users that are visiting their websites. Information such as where visitors are coming from, the device they’re using, their IP address, number of conversions, the most popular pages, and traffic generated can be gathered instantly. This data is then analyzed and presented in the form of statistics and graphs.

Designing Website Elements

One of the very ordinary tasks for almost all website developers entails designing the basic outlines and prototypes of web pages. However, this job need not be monotonous anymore, thanks to AI-powered virtual assistants.

These assistants possess the ability to create content from answers/inputs derived by asking questions to users. By relating elements such as the design, the layout, the text, and the logo, highly personalized content is generated for any website. Basic skills such as photo editing and logo making are left to AI tools.

Wix is a cloud-based website-building and logo-making platform. It creates unique, high-performing websites using answers/information about the client’s design and business requirements with the help of AI algorithms.

Its logo maker enables developers to create one-of-a-kind logos within minutes. It is easy to use and customizable. You need not draw anything. Simply answer a few questions at the start and leave the rest to the logo maker. It comes equipped with high-quality SVG vector files and ready-to-use files for social media. So, users can move beyond the usual JPEG and PNG images. Further, it allows users to order and print business cards to match their logo. 

Algorithm-assisted Programming

AI applications can perform simple tasks like creating and updating the database, and identifying problem-solving codes. AI algorithms are also capable of generating variable codes.

Wix Code is a great example of this. It allows developers (and non-technical people) to create a database collection spreadsheet for an auto-generated index with auto-created pages of each product on the website. Developers can then use page templates and custom user input forms to collect more information and use simple JavaScript on web pages to set page behaviors. It also allows the addition of animation. With the help of Application Program Interface (API), developers can integrate third-party plugins (Facebook, YouTube) in the website.

This technology comes in handy when building better websites and sophisticated bots. The only human intervention (or developer’s skill) is to input relevant data in these systems so they can be trained to perform accordingly and produce better results.

SEO Boost

SEO professionals use Web analytic tools to a great extent to get their numbers right. While several such tools exist, it usually takes human effort to interpret data to measure a website’s performance. With AI, however, gathering and analyzing SEO data becomes simpler and quicker, making it easier to use a website’s metadata to its full potential.

AI tools can also help developers with information regarding flaws in their website structure and point out poor content to boost SEO. Armed with this crucial data, developers can create websites to include content that resonates with a larger target audience.

The Wix website builder not only comes equipped with reliable web hosting and top security feature. It also offers the best SEO for your website, thanks to Wix SEO Wiz. When it comes to optimizing page meta tags and titles, choosing a unique domain name, optimizing headers for every page, inserting keywords in content, linking to pages within and outside the website, adding Alt Text to images, and mobile optimization, this tool has you covered.

Better User Experience

One great way to enhance user experience is by improving customer interaction and providing strong support through your website. This is where AI-backed chatbots rule the picture.

These chatbots can mimic real conversations with website users and absorb/remember and use new information from every discussion. They can answer/act by providing relevant information and services, and automating tedious tasks. This, in turn, further translates into real-time assistance and personalization.

Wix-powered websites allow users to add a chatbot to interact with visitors 24/7. This can help augment the website’s user experience as they can get prompt answers to their questions. The chatbot can also generate fresh leads and find new customers.


AI is finding uses in web design and development.  Which is why website developers will find it easy to enhance user experience. Whether it is gathering and analyzing customer data, automating programming and coding, boosting SEO, or getting website elements like the logo and the content right, AI can influence all these areas to bring about better output. It is safe to assume that the role of AI is all set to expand in this sphere.

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