Right Way of Using Blog Commenting Sites

Right Way of Using Blog Commenting Sites

Convincing communication has always been the key solution to every issue. It can easily facilitate in achieving results but at the same place, miscommunication can adversely affect the operations and least to disastrous situations.

With communication becoming the need of the hour for every business, it has become vital to lessen the gap between the visitors and the website.

Link building has always been regarded as a great way for getting backlinks and blog commenting is one such way of the same.

It can simply be explained as the relationship between the blogger, readers of the blog and the blog itself.

“As per the survey conducted on top performing SEOers, more than 72% of them said that backlinks are a very important factor in deciding the ranking”.

So, it is important here to dig deep into the concept of blog commenting sites and their role in getting powerful backlinks.

Advantages of Blog Commenting Sites

Blog commenting sites not only create rapport between the readers and the website but also are greatly responsible for getting backlinks.

It allows the user to react quickly to a certain content which also helps a great deal in increasing the popularity of the website and garner more conversions.

It allows even the blogger to proficiently capture and analyze the responses of the audience. Any new visitor would love to stay loyal to a website that maintains a healthy conversation with its users.

With a lot of blog commenting sites at your disposal easily. It becomes necessary to choose only the appropriate blog commenting sites for your website.

The strategy to practice does follow backlinks which help in a great way to divert more traffic to your website. Again, there are many blog commenting sites for the same to facilitate your business to grow. Read on to know the advantages of using blog commenting sites.

(i) Blog commenting sites allow you to gain global popularity.

(ii) It helps to convert the website to an established brand.

(iii) By increasing the traffic on your website, blog commenting sites help you to enhance the conversion rate of your website.

(iv) It obviously helps you to establish a rapport with the readers further allowing you to gain more visibility and that too towards the right audience.

(v) Last but not least, it even allows you to gain social media followers.

Such are the advantages of blog commenting sites that it surely induced the idea of using one really easily. The fact that blog commenting sites in India are frowning by the day makes it even more tempting.

The fact that comment relevancy plays an important role in getting your comment approved should be preached and remembered religiously as irrelevant often leads to unnatural blog commenting and most bloggers straight away delete such comments from their comment section and you surely would not want anything of that sort to happen.

How to Find Blog Commenting Sites in India

Keeping in context the fact that blog commenting sites are huge in numbers, the question that arises is how to find blog commenting sites. The concept of using keywords can help to a great extent. You can use them in search queries to find the blog as per your relevant niche.

Having talked about blog commenting sites and how to find the right one, one must undertake the initiative to understand the major types of blog commenting.

Genuine blog commenting allows you to generate backlinks from only the name and not from anchor texts. This kind is mostly recommended by top bloggers and even digital marketing experts.

Unnatural blog commenting is something which is highly popular among newbie bloggers and SEO people. They try to add the link on exact match anchor text to Generate Backlink. This surely isn’t what Google would love. It should always be kept in mind that commenting is just a way to connect the user to the actual blogger.

Prevention is always better than cure. This statement truly holds its ground even in this scenario.

There are certain things that you should always pay attention to because neglecting even a small aspect of these things can adversely affect your website and have drastic results for your business.

Your name is your identity. Never commit the mistake of using your site keyword in place of your name. This can surely lead to a damaged online appearance, affecting the traffic creation for your website and ultimately the website and the business.

Would you appreciate someone commenting their site link in your content’s comments section? Surely no! No one would fancy the thought of allowing someone to put their site links in their comments section. From a practical point of view, this would actually be a sort of social service and surely no website runs to do social service till the time you’re not a social service club or an NGO. Even they need SEO and blog commenting sites to generate traffic.

You should refrain from adding comments that are not related to the topic. Clearly, everyone reading your comment must have an interest in the above the comments section and would show no interest in your website.

How to use Blog Commenting Sites

Read on to know as to how you can proficiently use blog commenting sites at your disposal for your benefit and generate traffic.

(i) You surely would not want to comment on a site that itself craves traffic. Always start with selecting the high page rank do-follow commenting sites.

(ii) The next step is to choose the blog that is actually relevant to your blog, website or business. You may choose to read a random topic too but that’s purely a random choice. Coming back to business, choosing the relevant topic is a major part of using blog commenting sites.

(iii) Understanding is vital in everything that you do. The idea while reading the blog should not just be merely information collection but also to understand the thoughts of the writer. Even you would not fancy the idea of someone not reading your content but not for understanding the thoughts.

(iv) After reading and understanding the thoughts of the blogger you have to find the comments section which is mostly below the actual content.

(v) Someone websites may allow you to just add your comment straight away and some would also include some blocks like name, email and stuff. Even this is done with a motive of establishing a connection with the reader of the content.

(vi) Just fill in the small personal inquiry and obviously the content. Make sure to indulge in unnatural commenting.

(vii) Post your comment. This is how easy it actually is to use blog commenting websites.

(viii) Appraisal always attracts better work and if you are an admirer of quality work you may even choose to appreciate the blogger. Who knows you might even succeed in making good contact for future references through this good deed.

(ix) Having talked about blog commenting sites in details, having some good commenting sites at your disposal seems like an icing on the cake.

Blog Commenting Sites List

(i) ShoutMeLoud.com

(ii) Backlinko

(iii) Johnchow.com

(iv) neilpatel.com

(v) Problogger

(vi) Digitechnopost.com

(vii) Mostly blogging.com

Blog Commenting Sites List for Quality Tech Blog

(i) AllTechBuzz

(ii) TechSpot

(iii) TheGuardian

(iv) TechRepublic

Blog Commenting Sites List for Travel Blog

(i) VelvetEscape

(ii) IndiTales

(iii) SidTheWanderer

(iv) RomancingThePlanet

(v) Wanderlink

Best Blog Commenting Sites in India

(i) http://www.9xtools4u.com/

(ii) http://www.politico.com

(iii) http://www.xing.com

(iv) http://www.blogger.com

(v) http://www.ehow.com

(vi) http://www.2checkout.com

(vii) http://30boxes.com

(viii) http://www.zillow.com

(ix) http://www.comedycentral.com

(x) http://www.codeproject.com

(xi) http://www.pamshouseblend.com

(xii) http://www.mrqe.com

(xiii) http://www.redstate.com

(xiv) http://www.javaworld.com/communit


These are some of the famous blogs you can put to use to indulge in commenting.

Blog commenting sites and its practical use may come across as a complex to many but what needs to be kept in mind is that it is only to make your life easier and website successful.

It is only when you get the hold of the things that you realize how effective and efficient commenting sites actually are.

It is surely practical to conclude by mentioning that commenting on the blogs apart from actually writing them is a great way to invite more viewers to your website.

You may even choose to subscribe to top industries as this would help you to stay updated and alert about their uploads.

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