What are Blog Hops? A Beginner's Guide to Blog Hops

What are Blog Hops? A Beginner’s Guide to Blog Hops

What are Blog Hops? A Beginner’s Guide to Blog Hops

Most bloggers know to use tools like social media,newsletters,and paid advertising to increase their blog reach, but many haven’t even heard of blog hops, one of the most powerful free tools in the blogging world.

What are Blog Hops?

Blog hops are online networking events hosted by a variety of blogging communities.

  • Their main goal is to connect bloggers in a specific niche.
  • sharing readerships with those other bloggers.

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How do Blog Hops work?

Some blog hops are one-time events, usually celebrating an event,Once a month,everyone signed up for the blog hop posts an article to their blog about a specific topic. This topic is usually something broad, like professional life in a specific industry, to ensure that everyone doesn’t end up posting the same thing.
Everyone who wrote an article then goes to all of the other blogs, reads their article, and leaves a comment. Some blog hops may also require bloggers to share every article in the hop.
Most blog hops have their own hashtag and social media graphics,and require you to post a small blurb about the blog hop in your article, either at the beginning or at the end. This helps other participants find you, and helps your readers discover the rest of the blog hop.

What are Blog Hops good for?

Comments act as social proof, and participating in a blog hop guarantees those comments.
For small blogs or even just blogs that don’t usually get many comments.these hops can make an enormous difference.
Toolbox Blog Hop has allowed these articles to reach a wider audience, and to draw in commenters and subscribers who aren’t participating in the blog hop.

All in all, it’s a great way to bring new life to your blog, and to become part of the blogging community

How can you join a Blog Hop?

Every blog hop has different rules about how to sign up. Some are invite only, but most use a program like Google Forms and allow new bloggers to sign up at any time.

You’ll generally need to enter your email address and name,your blog’s name,your blog’s URL, and the topic of your blog. This makes it easy for the admin to add your info to the primary list and keep you updated as the blog hop develops.

What types of Blogs do Blog Hops work best for?

Blog hops can work for any blog, but they tend to work best for blogs with a personal feel, because they’re designed to connect individual bloggers.
If your blog is largely written in the third person point of view, and focuses entirely on your company, it probably won’t fit a blog hop very well.


 If you’re trying to build a personal blog or a brand centered around yourself as a professional, blog hops are one of the best ways to connect with other bloggers in your niche.

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