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5 Quick Tips to Increase Your YouTube Engagement by 200%

5 Quick Tips to Increase Your YouTube Engagement by 200%

In this post, we shall discuss the 5 easy ways to increase your YouTube engagement considerably. It is no secret that video presence on the web has become a vital tool in both social and business interaction. Videos, viral or otherwise, are the most shared form of social content trumping infographics, curated posts and traditional blogs on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential that one become good at engaging their potential audience with informative and shareable content. Allowing you to not only attract a wider and more diverse viewership but potentially retain customers and generate leads.

Converse With Your Audience (Be that friend they never knew they needed)

When making your videos always being mindful that you are addressing people. Treat engagement online like a conversation in real life. Although they may not be able to interact with you, talk to them as if they were.
  • Make your points clear, simple and digestible
  • Emphasize important steps or tips
  • Provide humor when applicable (less lecturing and more gesturing can go a          long way)
  • Recap by repeating key points

By doing this we can increase youtube engagement with customers.

Post Content Consistently

post content

A sure and proven way to establish and maintain youtube engagement is to be a dependable and consistent source of information. Once you have established a viewership, keep them coming back for more. Post often and keep your content fresh, current and, most of all, invaluable. Remember, there are literally thousands of other vloggers pursuing your core audience. You have to make sure that if you have secured a reputation for information, not to disappoint.

Understand Your Audience

In this age of “fast-food information”, people want what they want, when they want it. Nothing is worse than tuning into a video only to leave feeling that you hadn’t gotten what you had expected. If you have broken the ice of establishing a rapport, make sure that you continue to give them what they crave. If you are a source of information, continue in that vein. If you are a source of entertainment continue to entertain. Remember, people have tuned in for a reason and it’s up to you to pinpoint what that is and leverage it in your favor.

Encourage Shares, Likes and Commenting


Youtube engagement is a two-way street that requires both the video and the viewer to succeed. In the age of social media platforms, we have learned, if nothing else, that everyone has an opinion. So, why not allow them to express it through: shares, likes and comments? There is no shame in saying at the end of your video – “if you have found this video helpful, feel free to share, like or comment below”. This says to your viewer that their opinion is valued and that you always want to improve the quality of content you provide. This also provides the opportunity for increased viewership through social proof. However, if you don’t ask – you may not get.

Provide a “Call to Action”

Having a viewer watch your video is great, but that should never be your sole concern. Take advantage of the audience you have acquired and make certain you provide a “call to action” after each and every video. This can be as simple as asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel or following you on one of the various social platforms. You can provide a link to your website or provide NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) to your business or service. Consider all viewers as an opportunity to be pursued.


YouTube is the second most used search engine on the web only surpassed by the all mighty Google itself. This would mean that to not utilizing such an essential tool would be the equivalent of choosing to sustain one’s self by bread alone (and we all know what they say about that). It can be done for a period but may end up being detrimental to their overall development.
With these simple 5 tips for increased YouTube engagement, you can look forward to a long-term viewership following that should result in increased business.

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