Why Content Scoring Is the Key to Content Marketing Success

Why Content Scoring Is the Key to Content Marketing Success


Seeing as content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing while costing less, it’s no surprise that companies are creating content.

But how are these organizations able to determine the ROI(Return On Investment) of their content marketing efforts?

Although standard content marketing metrics can give your team a better understanding of your content performance (pageviews, time spent on page, conversions), they are not necessarily indicative of why your content is performing.

So, how are you supposed to attribute which specific elements of your content generate performance?

Content Scoring is the most effective way to identify why your content is performing.

What Is Content Scoring?

Content Scoring is the process of assessing and quantifying the true potential of content by tracking how individual content pieces perform in generating and converting leads.

Different types of content provide a different value for the customer. Therefore, they should be distributed at different stages of your funnel.

For example, a blog post is more relevant for a first time visitor, and a case study is more relevant for a qualified prospect.

That being said, once you recognize that varying types of content should have different characteristics, it is easier to identify why your content is performing.

Why Content Scoring Is a Crucial Step in Content Creation

As marketers continue to rely heavily on content marketing and less on paid advertisements, it is crucial to maximize your content marketing efforts as best as possible.

Content Scoring helps streamline content creation processes and ensures that your team meets their content creation goals.

Actionable Insights

By analyzing and reviewing your content prior to publishing, your team no longer has to use guesswork or make assumptions that the content is ready to be published.

Leveraging data ensures your content is primed for performance and that your team will publish with confidence.

Creating High-Quality Content

Today, the sheer volume of content created is astronomical.

How does this impact businesses?

It means that businesses have to create high-quality content if they want their audience to engage with it.

Scoring your content gives you a deeper understanding of how your content is performing. It allows you to then use the insights gained to create similar high-quality content at scale.

Establishing Thought Leadership

Creating great content can make you an authority in your industry. By scoring your content, it will help you establish consistency and own the topic or keyword you’re creating content about.

This content will compel your audience to re-engage with your business and keep your business top of mind whenever they come across that topic.

The Benefits of Using AI(Actionable Insights) for Content Creation

AI is a fast growing technology and in the years to come, we can expect to see it more incorporated into the content creation process.

Automating Processes

How much time do you actually spend creating content?

Probably a fair amount.

Replying to emails, writing notes, analyzing data – these all take the time that you could otherwise spend coming up with your next viral campaign.

AI can help automate a huge amount of the mundane tasks you and your team do every day. Freeing up your time to focus on ideation and creation.

Analyzing Content Marketing Data

It would take a lot of time for you to analyze every piece of content you’ve written. But using AI platforms, like Atomic Reach, can quickly analyze your content to establish trends within it.

Analyzing data such as time on page, conversions, click-through rates, and even word count. It is easy to uncover trends and understand your successes.

You can then activate these insights, using content scoring, and get on the path to content marketing success.


If you have a content marketing strategy that isn’t delivering results, content scoring will help you thoroughly analyze your content before publishing.

This is an ongoing process and as you begin to see improvements you should continue to score your content.

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