10 Best Free Logo Design Tools

10 Best Free Logo Design Tools

A logo’s significance is far more than a static symbol. A logo possesses the potential to contain a brand’s mission, vision, and its entire identity. The need to have a logo arose after brands realized they had to rely on something. It carries the ability to convey every aspect they uphold in a visual way. That is why the perception to deem it as a mere symbol needs to be outdated, as, without a logo, a brand cannot uphold any significance.

Understanding the Importance of a Logo

Most new brands or startups tend to face the dilemma of not having either enough sources or the budget to invest in branding. While there are several types of digital marketing, every brand needs to start building its visual personality with a logo.

The idea of investing in a logo varies on different factors. According to Forbes, you need to have a clear notion as to why you need a logo for your brand.

With the world becoming digitized over the years, the requisite to hire and work with graphic designers is somewhat unessential.

Relying On Online Logo Design Tools

New startups tend to invest in branding strategies that befit to their budget. Sometimes the budget they need for digital promotion exceeds and causes further shortcomings.

Better alternatives exist and one such option is to rely on online logo design tools. Most of these tools allow you to create your logo for free. But only ask for payment when you have to download it, while some do not have hidden charges at all.

Using a reliable logo design maker allows you to customize your logo without having to hire external or third-party designers.

Here are the top 10 free logo design tools that have taken the realm of digital branding by storm.


Having availability on both the iOS and Android platforms, Canva is more than an online graphic design creator. With a simplistic interface, you can drag the design objects of your choice into a resizable canvas and customize them accordingly.

The core foundation of Canva is more than an online logo creator as you can create business cards as well as flyers of diverse kinds. Today’s era is all about dynamism so it is essential to rely on design tools that do not consume a lot of your time.

You can simply choose a high-resolution template of your choice, make changes, tweak colors and then download it in your desired image format. The tool also has a premium subscription version that provides unlimited access to an extensive directory of millions of design objects such as icons, graphics, and images.

Core features

  • Professionally designed logo templates
  • Unlimited options to edit and share your designs
  • AI-based custom logo generation
  • Hundreds of unique font styles


An online logo design tool, LogoVerge is a brand new addition to the domain of online designing tools and it is simplifying the notion of AI-based digital design. Using this tool, you are able to design a logo that can be fully customized and personalized the way you prefer.

The hassle to design logos from scratch and depending on professional designers is no more, as the tool contains pre-defined templates, icons, images and font styles that you can add to your design. After you are done with the editing, you can save and download it in a high-resolution file format simply for $19.

Core Features

  • Select from a wide list of industries
  • Option to insert company/brand name and its slogan
  • Thousands of pre-defined design templates
  • Unlimited downloads and re-edits


A community-based graphic design platform, DesignHill allows both professional and novice designers to contribute to the design community by showcasing their work on the platform. One core feature of DesignHill is its free logo maker but if you want to download it then you are required to pay for the design.

With the option of making multiple revisions, you can select any template and then style it with relevant colors, icons and font combinations from the design directory. The platform also holds various contests that give designers an opportunity to highlight their skills further.

Core Features

  • Copyright ownership of your work
  • Multiple color variations for your logo
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Social media kit for over 50+ logo design versions

Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful lets you create contemporary logo designs in a matter of a few minutes. Owned by Shopify, Hatchful is designed mainly for logo designing and even has an Android and iOS mobile app with hundreds of templates that are free-to-use.

This tool is based on machine learning and suggests logo templates relevant to your choice. Once you are done editing, you are asked to create your account on the platform, and then you can proceed to download your design. Hatchful contains both free and premium templates that come with a price tag of $8.99 each.

Core Features

  • Hundreds of unique logo templates
  • An extensive list of industries
  • A customizable design studio
  • Logo templates available for every industry

Squarespace Logo

An online website building tool, Squarespace has also introduced a logo maker that has similar functionalities to the aforementioned tools. Its user interface consists of a drag-and-drop canvas that lets you add elements and design objects, which you can later edit yourself.

To commence with the logo maker, you have to add your company or brand name, its tagline (if any) and then select a template for it. Once done, you can view the preview before you download it. The high-resolution logo download is free for Squarespace customers but if you were a non-Squarespace subscriber then you have to pay $10 for your logo.

Core Features

  • Add icons and font styles using the drag-and-drop editor
  • Fully customizable icons, shapes, and objects
  • Easily arrange layout and text/alignment


GraphicSprings is solely designed to be a free logo maker. You are asked to select from pre-defined vector-format templates that are relevant to your industry and then you can make changes to the design.

Taking only a few minutes to edit and refine your logo, the tool lets you add text and color to your template by simply dragging and clicking on to the design styles you want to include.

With the option of unlimited revisions, if you are content with your creation, all you need to pay is $19.99 and you can download your design files in a high-resolution format.

Core Features

  • Option to choose your relevant industry
  • Customizable logo styles, vector shapes, and graphics
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Additional effects for adding visual details


DesignMantic also holds prominence amongst professional designers for its logo design tool. The tool only asks you to enter the name of your brand/company or industry from the available options.

Since it is based on an AI mechanism, it generates a number of logo designs that relate to the information you added. However, the tool also lets you customize your logo by changing its color, adding a tagline and shape styles that enhance its appeal. The tool itself is free-to-use but if you want to download your creation then you have to purchase it for $29.

Core Features

  • Customizable colors, font styles, and icons
  • High-resolution vector file format downloads
  • Rework and revision options


DesignEvo is a design platform that holds over 8000+ fully customizable templates of unique logo designs. It is built on the same foundation as the above-mentioned design tools as you begin editing by choosing your industry, company name and slogan.

Its easy-to-use interface lets you opt for an adaptable approach to logo designing that you can customize in a few minutes. DesignEvo comes with two purchasing plans that have the option to download, edit and acquire print ready high-resolution files of your logo.

However, if you do not want your logo in high-quality then you can download its low-resolution version. Free of cost but a pixelated logo would not be as appealing for your customers.

Core Features

  • Millions of icon designs and 100+ font styles and combinations
  • Fully customizable templates
  • Option to download vector files
  • Unlimited edits and design revisions


A cheaper alternative to most of the logo design tools on the internet, LogoYes lets you build your logo from scratch. The tool does not have pre-defined and default templates, instead you have to drag-and-drop elements onto the canvas yourself.

What makes LogoYes a worthy mention is its affordable price. With a price tag of $0.99, you can download your logo file in high-resolution. The tool currently contains over 20K design icons and elements that you can use to personalize your design.

Core Features

  • Select the industry of your choice
  • Access to over 20K design symbols and icons
  • Option to fully view designs before paying
  • Support for multiple file formats


Eliminating the hassle to design a logo from scratch, you can use LogoMaker if you happen to be short on time. The platform has a design gallery where you can get inspiration before you begin designing your logo and make changes to it.

You do not have to be a professional designer to access the tool’s features. It works for both novice and professional digital artists. It currently contains over 10K professionally designed templates as well as the option to customize them.

The choice to customize your logo comes with certain boundaries as once you have chosen a template. You can make changes to its font style and color but the background will remain unchanged. You can create your logo for free but the cost to download your logo design is $39.99 and that makes it a bit costly as compared to the rest of the tools.

Core Features

  • Huge library and source directory of 10K logo templates and icons
  • Option to select your relevant industry
  • Rotation and resize options
  • Community-based feedback feature

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