9 Courses That Will Boost Your Digital Marketing Skills

9 Courses That Will Boost Your Digital Marketing Skills


As various strategies are becoming intertwined with online marketing, the competition between professionals is increasing. Moreover, some marketers are still on the starting line, trying to learn and adapt with modern day marketing.

So, to help marketers learn and cope with these nuances; different training or certification courses are growing widely.

Availing these courses not only provides you with the necessary expertise, but it also grants certification for online marketing.

Even if you are a marketing professional, you can still learn various new ways around digital marketing that will help boost your career.

Here are the top digital marketing courses or certifications, compiled from opinions and experiences of marketing professionals.

Simplilearn Master Program for Digital Marketers

If you want expertise in the field of digital marketing, then this course is the right choice for you. The course includes everything that you want to learn, which further helps you to hold expertise in the digital marketing field.

 The master program offers nine courses related to digital marketing.

The Simplilearn course comes with a learning path designed by experts. It helps individuals gain step-by-step knowledge in the field.

In the master program, you will get the following services:

  • Nine advanced courses that include PPC, web analytics and SEO.
  • You can access project work and courses through Simplilearn.
  • You will get a monthly mentoring session from experts in the digital marketing field.
  • After completing the master program, you’ll earn a master program certification.

The course also includes projects, expert forums, exams, quizzes, and over 200 hours of learning content. Additionally, the completed course costs $1,499.

Hubspot Academy: Certification for Inbound Marketing

The inbound certification course for HubSpot Academy is popular. It covers the fundamentals of inbound marketing methods.

It even covers topics such as SEO, landing pages, blogging, lead generation, reporting, and conversion analysis.

Inbound marketing certification targets the following audiences:

  • Marketers who are looking to improve their digital marketing skillsets.
  • Non-marketers who need help with inbound marketing fundamentals.
  • Entrepreneurs that are working towards building their business.
  • College students looking for internships or full-time jobs.

The inbound courses are easy to follow, encourage you to practice skills and help in identifying those areas which require extensive learning. You can avail this course for free of cost.

Certification for Growth-Driven Design Agency by HubSpot Academy

HubSpot provides another course for growth-driven design; the course helps you to learn about growth-driven design methods.

It also helps you to learn the basics for setting up a team, processes, and various pricing strategies. Successful completion of the course will help transform your marketing agency or organization.

You can avail this product free of cost as well.


The ReviewTrackers Academy offers six training courses that include CEM certification. The course helps marketers and online service specialists to meet a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their customers.

To comfort the customer experience, the course provides online education and actionable takeaways that help in every phase of the customer experience.

The course includes the following pieces of knowledge:

  • During the initial stages of CEM training, you can gain an understanding of the in-depth background of CEM.
  • It helps students identify the brand for better engagement with customers.
  • The training helps explore the “customer-first approach.” Also, it assists in understanding customers’ viewpoints.

You can take this course free of cost.

Professional Academy

The Professional Academy provides a new internationally recognized and authorized digital marketing diploma. The Academy launches the DM diploma in partnership with DMI (Digital Marketing Institute).

The professional academy course covers all the essential components of digital marketing. It even includes modules like web analytics, email marketing, planning & strategy, and digital display advertising, etc.

You can take diploma classes through face-to-face workshops in the UK, or you can opt for online distance-based lessons if you do not live in the UK. Both ways of learning cover the same modules.

In the end, the course is completed with a Pearson VUE examination.

Currently, there are various digital skill gaps that we still struggle to understand. Thus, a diploma course is crucial for existing workers. Also, it provides new possibilities for industries by giving extra skillsets to succeed.

If you are availing the distance learning course, then you’ll have to pay $1800+(VAT), and with face-to-face workshops, it will add up to $2300+(VAT).

Certification of Google AdWords

Google has its own Google AdWords certification that holds a professional accreditation. The certification is mainly for individuals who hold basic and advanced knowledge of AdWords.

Availing the Google AdWords certification makes an individual certified with Google. It means Google will recognize the individual as an expert in AdWords marketing.

Google AdWords certification has two types of certification exams; the first one is an AdWords exam. The second certification includes mobile advertising, video advertising, search advertising, shopping advertising, and display advertising.

You avail this certification for free of cost.

Certification of Copyblogger’s Content Marketer

If you are a writer, then this course is for you. The course offers professional learning related to writing. It contains detailed webinars, worksheets, podcasts, and articles.

It not only covers content marketing but complete marketing strategies. The course provides a flexible ‘move at your own pace’ course. At the end of the course, you’ll submit an authoritative article, a promotional email for critique and a landing page.

After submitting, you will receive feedback from the Copyblogger’s team. Once your content is approved, then you’ll receive certification. You’ll even receive a badge of certification for displaying it on your site.

Copyblogger’s creates a unique profile and provides a link back to your website.

Certification costs $995.

Digital Engagement and Branding: edX

edX.com offers digital engagement and branding courses. The courses are for marketers who want to increase their skillsets.

edX improves brand engagement by using distribution and creation in a digital channel.

The course is especially for those individuals who want to learn or improve their knowledge about digital branding.

You can partake in this course at any time.

The course is free of cost, and if you’d like a certification, then you have to pay $49.

Online Learning Institute of MECLABS

MECLABS online learning offers an online syllabus for a certification course. The online syllabus of this course holds the expertise of market research and has testing experience of 15 years.

The MECLABS patent method holds 15 years of real-world research on customer behavior. The module helps you to get certified in two courses; value proposition development and landing page optimization.

Both of the courses hold different methodologies to test various e-mails, landing pages, and copy.

If you want to explore and learn the course, you have to pay $695 for the individual courses.


To understand modern digital marketing, online digital marketing courses are a real life saver. Online courses help to boost your skills and knowledge that further helps to establish yourself as an expert in the field of digital marketing.

You learn courses through various digital marketing experts. Also, it provides you with the knowledge associated with the latest techniques and tools. It will give you an edge over your competitors.

At last above is the list of best digital marketing courses. It all depends on your hard work and dedication. Proper learning and practice will bring many positive outcomes and will lead you to become a digital market expert.

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