Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups

Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups


Digital marketing is the most affordable marketing tactic which a bootstrapped, as well as a well-funded startup, can use to reach their target audience for their brand.

Learn from other people’s mistakes and select those marketing strategies which have given them best results.

 Marketing strategy is a deciding factor in making or breaking company. 

You must remain updated with the latest marketing strategy to get the high level of lead generation.

Some of the tactics which you can use to market your product digitally:

1.Concentrate on Your Target Customers:


Primary motive from starting phase of  digital marketing is to find the target audience and then keep the focus on marketing only to those people. The startups who have just started or are in the first year of its operation, they can find their target audience by finding the lookalike customer as well as the customer of  competitor.

 Narrow down market according to  product segment because if they don’t focus on that aspect then it will also reach to the larger irrelevant audience which will completely jeopardize your marketing campaign.

2.Customer Engagement:

Customer Engagement

Any brand can only succeed when  providing something to the people by fulfilling their need which they are looking for.And, even if the product is something different from what people require, that colud only know it by having a conversation with intended customers who can help & make some change in  product to make it product-market fit.

This can only be possible when  engage with  audience on social media platform by answering their queries and discussing about product’s shortcomings for further improving it. This will also help in building a base of loyal customers.

Such type of engagement will help your start-up in getting genuine advice for your start-up’s better future. You can organize weekly question and answer sessions using Facebook live and can also use Reddit, Quora, etc.

3.E-mail Marketing:


E-mail marketing is now becoming one of the best digital marketing weapons which will not only help your start-up to promote your brand but will also help in generating lead to make business for your is dividing your e-mail recipients into various categories by dividing them on the basis of demographics, purchase history and location.

4.Attractive Content:


Content has always been the king in generating brand awareness and attracting potential customers for any company whether it is a startup or a well-established company. But, it has been overlooked by many start-ups in the past which has caused damage in losing their market share.

 Must think about the message as cannot experiment here but build content’s message on industry research with authentic findings.

The content should be more focused on benefits than on the new features you are providing. 


5.Get Your Company Registered on Various Online Business Platforms:


The intended customers visit such portals to search for their required products available from different companies at a single place.

Customers also put their queries if they don’t find the product they require. In such cases, they are informed later on by these portals when the product becomes available.

 These platforms are like online yellow pages but with the better user experience of the customer.

6.Make Landing Page Compelling


Landing Page Compelling

The landing page of any startup is one of the crucial factors in generating the lead about your product and then ultimately making the business out of it by selling your products.That  page must be good enough to compel your visitors to get converted into your customers.

7.Study your Competitor’s Digital Marketing Strategy:


Any big or small startup can learn a number of business ideas by studying their market strategies and keeping a close look on every marketing move they make.
If you’re smart enough to understand your competitor’s marketing move, then you can easily mould your own marketing strategy to get better results.

8.Use Paid Online Ads Judiciously:


Paid Online Ads Judiciously

Most of the social media platforms and search engines have the feature of showing paid ads on their platform which any start-up can  afford  paid ads starts with a minimum budget. It doesn’t cost that much amount of money which traditional marketing campaigns used to cost.

 Online ads have various options for the promotion like pay per click (PPC), etc.

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