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Email Marketing

This post explains about email marketing which is more effective way to target audience through emails.

There are some ways that will help you to be more effective, targeted and responsible while marketing through emails.

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Opt-In process

Do not add an email address to your mailing list unless the contact has officially agreed to receive mails from you. If emails are sent to a user without their permission, they may get reported as Spam. So first you would need to send them an opt-in form and ask them to subscribe. Once they opt-in, your email is not reported as spam. And importantly if the subscriber opt-in for your email means he is interested in your emails.

Tell subscriber about your email content

You need to inform your potential subscribers exactly what they can expect if they join your list. You need a complete planning before you start sending emails to subscribers. The plans may whether to send emails weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails with tips and information. If you set up some expectations they will be aware of your schedule and be waiting for your email.

Familiarize to subscriber through your emails

Build a theme or identity to your emails which matches to your website or blog. Make everything synchronous from layout color to the writing style of email. So recipient should instantly get to know when they receive emails from you and they will get familiarize with your website.

Ask subscribers to do action

Add links to your website in some reasonable place in your email newsletters. So recipient should know exactly where should he click to visit website. This is the main reason of doing an email marketing campaign.

Segmenting you Emailing List

It is good to segment the email address lists before targeting it. You can create different email lists based on the subcategories like location, age, gender, or any other information that you have about them. This would help to send email to more relevant recipients and increase the chance of visitors to your website.

Ask for Feedback

Ask subscriber to provide feedback. Be open to both positive and negative comments. Try to improve where you are lagging from the comments given by subscribers. Even though e-commerce industry is growing Email marketing remains as a great way to get customers with a minimal and manageable costs.

There are software vendors who provides email marketing services, which includes providing targeted and personalized transactional email messages and running specific email marketing campaign.

Some of the email marketing campaign tools are as below.


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