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Facebook Marketing


In this post we will learn how to use Facebook to promote our blogs or website which is one of the social media marketing.


The social media site Facebook started in 2004 and has billions of users. Millions of users use it daily so it has become a very powerful social media. To promote your website or blog through Facebook, you need to have a Facebook account.

Create a Fan page.

Social media marketing Facebook-page

Create a page in Facebook to share what you have created. In the drop down menu on the top right,  there is an option to Create Page. Once you have chosen the correct category for your site, you can set up a page and start sharing it. The page can contain information about your website, the URL,  interesting content, some photos etc.

Interact with Fans

Interaction is the main concept of Facebook. A little time and patience is important to build a fan page and maintain it.

Paid Advertising

In the drop down menu on the top right, you would see an option to start Ads. Facebook offers packages which allows the page owners to run paid Ads and promote their website.

social media marketing -facebook ad

Network Building

Once you created page on Facebook, next is to attract people to visit your website. You need to interact with other Facebook pages and users of same interests. Keep updating your page so that users ‘Like’  it.


As we said Facebook marketing is one of the social media marketing where millions of people visits everyone. You can also encourage people to visit your Facebook page and website by running promotions. You can create offers, special deals or any kind of incentive that would encourage people to visit your page.

Images sharing

Facebook is a place to share multimedia contents like video images, etc.. that could not be placed in your blog or website. You can upload video or images in Facebook. Users can comment, like them and share it for other benefits.

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