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Digital Marketing – Online Marketing ways

Ways of Marketing the Blog or Website

Once you have prepared your own Blog or Website, and added Ads from various Advertisers on your page, now you are ready to go all out and start its marketing online.

As a Marketer it is important to understand that Internet is the first place where people go to find new information or products. Hence it is the biggest marketing opportunity. People find the information online and spread about the product/service they have read about.

In digital marketing products and services are promoted online and marketing online. Since you are new to Marketing in the Digital Age, So  it is essential to understand the types that are available.

1. Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingSocial Media is way that most people used to communicate and interact online. Since it keeps people engaged in social contexts such conversation, comments,interactions it is called as social media. Even most of us are active in social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn etc.

In traditional form  of marketing like ads in TV, newspaper, magazines we need to spend lot of money. So Social media marketing is a direct bridge to consumers and it is also a cost effective.

2. Pay per Click Ads

PPCAdvertisers pay a fee whenever their ads get clicked. It is one of the best way of buying visits to your blog or website, instead of  waiting for those visitors to visit your page.

When a visitor clicks on your Ad, he will be redirected to your website, and you would in turn have to pay a small fee to the search engine (e.g. Google). If in case the visitor makes a purchase through your website or helps you earn a commission, then it would worth to paying a fee to search engine.

The most popular PPC Advertising system in the world is Google Adwords. Advertisers can create Ads in Google’s search engine and other Google properties.

3. Email Marketing

email-marketingEmail is the most powerful way to target specific customers for marketing online. Now, it is accessible in smartphones mobile devices. Email marketing is affordable, simple, quick to implement and it can be customized easily. With internet we can access email from anywhere and it has a global reach.

4. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

seo-imageThere are millions of active websites in the internet world. The main thing is to get your result on top of search results. Here SEO comes and it is not much complicated.

SEO is the process of improving the rankings results of a website. When someone types a word or phrase into a search engine, the engines explore all their information and gives results that is most relevant to the searcher’s query.

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