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Twitter Marketing

In this Blog we will be discussing how to promote your blog or website in social marketing through another popular Social Media network i.e Twitter.


Tweeting about your blog can be best way to reach and connect with your customer. With over 500 million users, you can find set of people who would be interested in reading your page.

social marketing-TwitterOnce you have created your Twitter account, you can start tweeting and search for people with similar views and interests.

When you search something on Twitter, it will return you all the tweets on that particular topic. That means the people who are tweeting this information are also interested in that product. That’s how you can find your target audience. Make social connections with these people, follow them, send them relevant updates.

Business use Twitter for many ways

      • To Share information and content
      • To drive engagement for promotional activities
      • To Interact with consumers
      • Networking
      • Branding
      • Managing Reputation

Keep note of below points when marketing with Twitter.

1. Be Pro-active and your tweets should be creative. Shorter tweets which are less than 100 characters get more interaction than longer ones.

2. Tweet the link to your blog/website. Create short messages that should be interesting to followers.

3. Building Network is most important in Social marketing. In order to reach out to customers, you need to interact, follow, and need to do something to add to your fan base.

4. Use Images to make it attractive. The more attractive your blog post tweets are the more you get interaction from followers and you can drive traffic to your site.

5. Promote your Tweets. Promoted tweets are an inexpensive advertising option provided by Twitter. Twitter helps to spread your content to your target market. You can set up the Promoted tweets to target by geography, interests, or even by keywords.

6. Include Lines from your Content in your tweet. This would give an idea to your followers about your site, hence you would drive more relevant users to the page.

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