Easy ways to get top rankings on google with particular keywords

Easy ways to get top rankings on

Google with particular keywords


Here let’s discuss about the most interesting and helpful for SEO experts to get the top rankings on Google with particular keywords in almost no time.



Google in present time is working hard and consistently to promote or position local businesses at the top of their respective locations. Also to build an audience on Google+ these Google plus pages are prioritized in search engine positioning.

But it’s not as simple as it looks to just create a Google Plus page and find yourself at the top. There are some tricks and tips you need to follow to make it happen for you.

  • Include the keyword in the page name [Ex. SEO Company Atlanta | Company/Brand Name]
  • Point the map marker properly.
  • Fill in the complete profile information [100%]
  • Verify the business, website, email address [put Google+ badge on your website to verify website]
  • Get reviews on your page.
  • Try driving some initial traffic to your Google plus page.

By doing this at least you can find your website on the first page of Google i.e. on the map results in your location.


Example: Let’s suppose you are an SEO company in Atlanta and you have set up a google plus page with the name “SEO Company” and followed all the steps mentioned above then you can definitely find your website on the first page of google for residents of Atlanta or people searching from the region of Atlanta.



Now that you have got a Google Plus page, you need to create a video for your brand/company and upload it to Youtube. Reason being-

  • There is a huge crowd of web developers who are constantly looking to generate content from Youtube and publish on their website to earn from advertisements. This creates an opportunity for us to publish our content to all those websites.
  • Again Youtube is a Google Service, so undoubtedly there is a high priority of youtube videos in search engine results.
  • The rich markup for videos on Google Search results. You might have noticed the appearance of videos with a thumbnail in search results clearly differentiate the content and drives more traffic comparably.

But again you need to follow some tips and tricks to get it perfectly works for you.

  • Include master keyword in the video title, description, and keyword.
  • Include the link to your website in the description of the video.
  • Categorize your video properly.
  • Add location to your video.



 Every company has to invest a bit of time to create their company profile or a catalog of their products and services, its the time to utilize these materials for SEO (Search engine optimization) purposes.

In SEO strategy link building is the hardest and the most important factor playing a major role in search engine rankings algorithm of various search engines. So, it is very important for us to get our content and website address on those websites which are related to ours. That is what this trick is going to achieve. Not to mention nothing is easy, follow the parameters-

  • Make a .doc, .pdf and .ppt file with keywords in the title, body, and footer.
  • Make sure you have included anchor link on these pages [Try to put the web address in the footer on all pages]
  • Make sure the size of the file is not bulky [Try to keep the size below 3MB]
  • Name the files with related & productive keywords.
  • Upload the files on Document sharing websites like slideshare.com, scribd.com etc…

These are three easy, quick & achievable tricks you need to follow to position your website in the top rankings on Google. There are some more which are not too easy but effective to gain your organic search rankings.

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