Elements in Building a Trustworthy Business Website

Elements in Building a Trustworthy Business Website


If you’re an entrepreneur looking for that special ingredient or are a new player wanting to plunge into the world of online business. It’s imperative for the existence of any business to be online. Here is a quick checklist of elements your website needs to have in order to perform successfully in the WWW.

Good Design

When we say good, we’re talking about having an “appropriate design” for your website, which translates to effective branding and marketing. Who are you as a company and what are the products/services you offer, as well as your mission? Website design is key to how you as a business will be perceived online. Make sure that your design is well-thought-out and executed, professional, clean and relevant to your company.

Good Navigation

If you’re like every other internet user, you hate it when a website takes forever to load. Ensure that the site’s elements are easy on users, and create simple, quick links that are easy to navigate. Too many clicks are distracting and may cause some to become irritated – they may even abandon your site. Focus on showing only vital information so users enjoy navigating your site, which in turn, will allow them to spend more time doing what they’re supposed to be doing –- making business transactions with you.

Good Content

The saying “content is king” rings true for every business website. How your business presents itself and how you communicate with your prospects online is crucial in creating a cohesive and effective website. Ensure that your content is both informative and interesting for visitors. Avoid fluff and find the right balance to entice your customers.


Ensure that each page of your website is consistent in aspects of design, content, and theme. But don’t be boring since you want to grab your customers’ attention. A clean, streamlined and professional impression will be much more appreciated by users.


It’s a mobile world, and your website needs to accept/adapt to it. Ensure that your site is compatible on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones so you can reach as many customers as possible. Your website’s theme must also be responsive so it can automatically adjust to fit whatever screen size it’s viewed on.

Call To Action

Without this, your visitors won’t be able to do anything relevant to let that money flow for your website. To drive sales, for instance, you need to provide links and information on sales and promotions that your site users can take advantage of. If you’re looking to build a larger, stronger client base, encourage them to sign up for a newsletter or receive push notifications on the latest sales and news.

Legitimacy and Trust

If you’re like most people, the first thing you do when you land on a new website is to do a quick scan. Make sure it’s the real deal and that it won’t take your hard-earned cash. Customers want to feel secure on websites, even more so on new sites, which makes ensuring your website is safe a priority. A big part of achieving this is by having a good web hosting service provider and product. Never settle for shared hosting if you’re serious about making it big online.

Take note that the devil is also in the details, to ensure that content is organized and grammatically correct, designs are consistent on every page, and that you have contact information and links to trustworthy pages and your social media channels.

Security matters

Sometimes security is all that matters. You can have the most jaw-dropping website with all the shebang. Without a good hosting provider and security measures it offers, your site is doomed and you can’t expect to deal head-on with your competition.

Your own server with cPanel in an SSD cloud is the answer if you’re looking for a faster, more scalable solution than generic web hosting. If you’re not keen on a full transfer, then you can also add VPS hosting for extra security for your website. Using Crazy Domain’s virtual private server will help your site handle massive traffic. At blazing speeds with huge storage regardless of the type of website you have – E-commerce, corporate, brochure, blog, etc. You name it.

All of this adds up to create a website that effectively positions itself as a player in the vast arena of online business.

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