Facebook Marketing Guide for Beginners

A Beginners guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a useful tool for promoting a business, whether you can use it as a free tool or pay for advertising. Like other online advertising, it’s important to get it right or it could harm your business.

Main Facebook mistakes include

  • Disable customer being comment on your wall
  • Setting up a page but not maintaining it
  • Ignoring customer’s questions or feedback
  • Deleting complaints

In recent years the world of advertising changes a lot. In order to build successful brand it is important to know how to approach to people. This includes setup, maintenance, voice and tone and dealing effectively with online reputation.

Setting up a Facebook Presence

Planning is the first step in Facebook Marketing.These marketing plans should includes social, SEO, branding.

It is very easy to setting up a Facebook page. But you should plan how to manage the page before you begin.

So, you should have below points as a minimum in your page.

  • Prepare cover and profile images by a designer.Logos are good for profile, make sure they stand out.
  • Photo and Descriptions of products if applicable.
  • company overview in “About” section
  • Details such as opening hours, email, website etc..
  • Specific persons who manages social accounts

Getting Followers

First ensure that you invite friends, relatives, company employees and customers who exist already.You can also connect account to your twitter account but too many automated posts will loose followers if you have only one  twitter account.

Once you have set up the page and you’re happy with the layout, content and so on, then you can begin to follow others in your industry and who may be interested in your products. You should do this by using Facebook as the company page and not as your personal account.

Advertising on Facebook

To boost your Facebook page, You need to have company marketing plan to set your target audience and buyer list. Later you can decide which kind of advertisement you would like to create.

Everyone wants plenty of likes, so, it is very important to gain engagement with the material you are posting. With the post engagement ads, you are promoting one post not entire page. Hence choose a pot more wisely.If you are a product based company and a unique items then you can display as a beautiful photos, that will also provoke interest.

Clicks to Website/Website Conversions

There are ads which allows you to track your Facebook activity on your website and you can choose clicks or conversions.These kind of conversions are better suited to products even though you use contact form to create conversions.

You can choose whether a ad can appears in the news feed or side of the page. News feed ads are especially useful for those with great images.

Next is to define audience.You can save your mailing list as .csv file and upload that to Facebook. Adjust the ad based on target audience profile.

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Industry
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Education
  • Custom (games, events, family status etc.)
  • Location

Setting a Budget

It is important in Facebook marketing that,you should predefined how much you can spend on Facebook ads.You can set daily or lifetime budget depending on ad type, CPC, CPM. This means, you will have to pay only if people either see or clicks your ads. You can track all these through Facebook Manager.

Promoted Posts

In order to boost your engagement with audience you can choose any post to promote quickly and easily. It is useful for

  • Competitions
  • Special Offers
  • Content that you want to promote

Choose boost post option at the bottom right corner and set your budget and type of campaign you would like. You can also choose to promote post to your followers, existing audience.


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