How to dominate content marketing with machine learning tools?

How to dominate content marketing with machine learning tools?

The internet is loaded with too much content.

The old method of publishing tons of content isn’t as effective as it used to be. Many more are publishing great content nowadays to the point that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be heard over all that digital noise.

It’s time to blow off that dust and apply a shiny new coat of machine learning polish to your content strategy.

What is Machine Learning?


Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

Machine learning enables analysis of massive quantities of data. While it generally delivers faster, more accurate results in order to identify profitable opportunities or dangerous risks, it may also require additional time and resources to train it properly. Combining machine learning with AI and cognitive technologies can make it even more effective in processing large volumes of information.

Creating a new and refocused content marketing strategy


We’re all drowning in content. There is too much to read, scroll through, and find out what’s really useful. The consequence of this is decreasing engagement, as seen in survey.

output vs engagement with branded marketing content by month

In your role as a content marketer, you track your blog and social media analytics to understand trends. These trends then help you figure out the direction of your blog and social media efforts.

By using machine learning tools, you will be able to easily shift your content marketing strategy to be more effective and useful for your audience.

How to create personalized content for your audience using machine learning tools



create personalized content for your audience using machine learning tools

To increase job efficiency, machine learning tools are able to reduce the time it takes to manually track and decipher your data into effective actionable tasks that will lead to predicted success.

Refreshing your content strategy now entails creating personalized content that is predicted to give you engagement well-before you trial-and-error blog topics.

Here are some intelligent marketing tools that will save you time, and provide you with an even more accurate and adaptive way to create and share content that connects

The machine learning aspect to the Atomic Reach platform lies within its ability to forecast when you should share articles, and which aspects of your blog actually matter to your reader, even if your audience’s engagement patterns start to shift

  • Insights shows you which audience level gives you the most engagement and how much more you could be getting using predictive analytics.
  • Writer is an intelligent content editor that highlights specific parts of your blog that is achieving your standard for optimal engagement as well as the areas that are not.
  • Scheduler takes out the guesswork of manually scheduling out articles to social, by automatically placing them in the best time for engagement unique to every user based on their social engagement behaviour.

As a marketer, Atomic Reach helps you maintain a high level of content that is backed by blog and social media engagement data


Intelligently-driven email marketing

Email marketing has continued to be one of the most successful ways to reach and interact with audiences. In many threads, the topic of email marketing increasingly revolves around ensuring that your messages are personalized to each recipient.

Intelligently-driven email marketing

Personalization in the form of sending your prospects truly relevant information

From analyzing e-commerce transactions and customer buying behaviour, those in your email list are sent product recommendations at the times that have proven to generate more clicks.

Finding the perfect content creators for your marketing strategy

Many companies hire content writers to generate content for their blogs. If you’re familiar with the process, then you know that finding top tier writers that work within your budget can be extremely time consuming and challenging.

Finding the perfect content creators for your marketing strategy

Textio helps you create “optimized job listings”. The method behind their smart word processor focuses on predicting how successful your job listing will be, or if your candidate will want to respond to your request.



Their rating system gives you a percentage of success, which is compared to other related documents. 100% being the highest and most difficult to achieve.

In real-time Textio highlights key phrases and gives you word-to-word recommendations, and the pros and cons of that phrase, which includes tone and gender appeal.

You will be able to better pinpoint and nab candidates that match the team’s personality and work ethic. Textio will save you time writing a job listing that might not attract the right talent, and will help you acquire your new content writer or marketing employee.


Throughout each step of the content creation and marketing process, machine learning tools help marketers do their job with more efficiency without compromising quality. By adding intelligence to your marketing strategy you will be able to make more effective decisions with less time, stress, and confusion.

From these tools and tips, what new methods will you be implementing into your content marketing plan.

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