Simple Techniques of Search engine Optimization

SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

If you have a blog or a website and you want to improve its Ranking in search engines, or you want to increase the traffic and clicks, that would lead to sales then SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique that you need to know.

Search engine optimization

Concept of SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps the people to find what you are offering. It means, If people are searching for something and they find matching content in your website or blog, then it will simplifies the process of bringing traffic to your site.

Consider an example, you have an blog related to “Hand woven Woolen Sweaters” which explained techniques of weaving sweaters. Since there is no much keyword competition for woven sweaters, there may be chances of getting ranking in front page in search engine.

Here the page may get lot of traffic but those people who have visited the page may have different goals or they may be interested in Ready made sweaters. Hence this page has irrelevant traffic with no sales.

Therefore make sure that what you offer, match the goals of your visitors. So you can optimize your keywords to improve your performance.

Finding Keywords

The best way of finding the appropriate keywords is through Research.
It is important to have a list of high competition keywords,about 5-10. These words may be in use by a lot of page owners and by the users to search often. You can add some more keywords to your list up to 30-40 keywords.
These two should be used in combination to get traffic to your page.

Designing the Content of Page

When you are drafting the content for your blog or website, it is important to concentrate on below points.

1.    Page Titles – The title should be interesting and attractive to raise the reader’s interest. This is the best way to impress visitors to drive to your page.

2.    Keywords – It is extremely necessary to choose keywords that are relevant and match the contents that users are looking for.

3.    Quality Information – Make sure that your blog or website contains unique and good quality content. Hence the users will come to your site if they good find information that they could not find anywhere else.

4.    Links – Place links to websites that compliment the content you have provided on your blog or website. This would increase the relevancy and increase the chances of conversions.

Be careful with Placing Links

Links are the most important part of SEO, if you link more websites to your page the ranking will be good.

The links that are placed within the content are more effective than links that are present in sidebar or footer. Adding Links from related sites are better than adding links from non relevant websites.

Avoid placing links from Spam websites or irrelevant websites, which would result in failure in conversions through your page.

The main thing you should have to learn Search Engine Optimization is to move with patience. It takes time for Search Engines to update their records, since they have to crawl billions of websites. Implement each of them carefully.

You can visit below tutorial to know more about SEO.



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