Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is set to Distrupt Digital Marketing

Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is set to Distrupt Digital Marketing

The world has definitely come a long way in terms of technology. Since the beginning of the new millennium, there have been groundbreaking technological advancements, such as self-driving cars, Android, the launch of the Mars Rover, Virtual Reality to name a few. The new addition to this already exceptional list is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It has been a trending topic for quite a while now, and it is undoubtedly a great feat. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is shown by machines. AI has been making big news, and its use in various fields have already been estimated, one of them being digital marketing.

But before diving into that, let’s discuss a bit about AI on general terms.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?


AI (artificial intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision.

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence?


  • Spotting patterns and trends quicker than the human eye
  • Crunching data quicker and making decisions faster
  • Helping run mundane and boring tasks
  • Being more efficient

AI and Digital Marketing:



User Experience Will Level Up:

A great user experience or user journey is what keeps the audience flowing to your website. The website should always be built in a way so as to provide visitors with the utmost ease of use, With the use of AI in digital’s going to be much easier to predict buyer behaviour,buyer persona, search cycles,and what not! and not to forget the ease of customer service, because chatbots can solve issues at a much faster rate.

Return on Investment Will Be Better:

Artificial Intelligence uses a high-level image recognition. This is a great feature which can make payment processes way faster than they are now. AI can also solve the security concerns involved in online transactions. Machine learning helps collect adequate data from user behaviours, and adds up to its inventory with a better database and design, and based on audience interest; it provides with a better decision-making algorithm, which brings about great ROI.

Search Sessions Get Easier:


While the users’ current search sessions work quite well, they can sometimes get clumsy or confusing. With AI infused in Digital Marketing, search engines and search sessions will get much smarter and much hassle-free, because AI easily tracks user behaviour and predicts their future web behaviour and decisions, which would lead to better keywords and even, increases use of semantic keywords.

Reaching the Right Target Audience Gets Simpler:


When you own a brand, it’s important that you reach the right people who can bring value to your brand and its assets. AI-based Digital Marketing makes reaching out to the best target audience easier, as AI helps in finding people based on their interests, focus, demography, and other aspects and decides which people would constitute the best target audience for the brand.

Forecasting the Sales:


The market is a forever fluctuating place, and a negative fluctuation can cause way too many changes for businesses, The Great Recession of 2008 being a fine example. However, with AI, it gets easier to predict the future trends of the market, so accordingly, the necessary digital marketing trends can be implemented. This saves a great deal of hassle later.

Advertising Gets Better:


Advertisements are necessary for promoting the brand. But it so happens that often people get advertisements that have got nothing to do with their interests. Since AI collects and analyses user data and predicts user behaviour, brands can create advertisements. According to their audience’s preference and users, in turn, would be seeing ads that matter to them based on their interests.



While AI is pretty much on the rise, it is a completely promising technology, that can work wonders in a vast number of fields. Implementing it in Digital Marketing strategies not only makes things easier for brands but solves the customers’ problems as well.

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