Using Twitter Marketing for Business

Twitter Marketing for running a business


Twitter marketing has become one of the great marketing strategies. Now a days all the major business has a twitter account, whether it is a tech related or not. It is become as important as having a website. But there is a good and also a bad way of using it. This post has list of do’s and don’ts that should be consider when you are using Twitter for your business.

It is important to add profile picture, biography, relevant background and link to your website before publicizing your twitter account.

When you create your Twitter account, don’t follow thousands of people to get followers. If your content is good, people will notice you and automatically people will follow you.If you are having hundreds of people, you are more likely to be mistake for a spammer.You will be looked as a sign of desperation to get more followers.

Do not send multiple tweets , give space for your tweets. If you are streaming blog posts into your Twitter account, then use a service called Twitterfeed, and make sure that you have set the post in real time rather than in bulk. Many tweets which are blasted consecutively are more likely to ignored.

Behind the Scenes

Use Twitter to make aware your customers of upcoming maintenance on your site. Don’t wait until they ask you what’s going on.

Retweet the posts which provides positive feedback on your company or service and reply to all tweets that are addressed to your account in a timely manner. don’t fill your latest tweets with your retweets alone.

Twitter account should be open to public for dealing with customer service issues in a public forum.Make sure that you have time to address all complaints that your account has got.

Don’t make people to feel your Twitter account is a bot. People should feel like there is a real person behind your twitter account. Make sure you are more interactive with customers. Do not convert your twitter page to a stream of blog posts.

Share most of the interesting news about your field. This shows that you are interested in more than your company and make people more likely to follow you because they are getting more information from your website. Twitter marketing offers you unique medium for interaction with consumer, make sure that you have make use of it to the fullest.

If you are running twitter based service don’t force people to auto follow your account.And Don’t force them to tweet about it during authentication process. This may make them to unfollow your account and stop using your services. Give them choice if they wan to follow or tweet your service they will do it.

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