How E-Commerce Marketers Can Use Custom Stickers to Boost Brand Visibility

How E-Commerce Marketers Can Use Custom Stickers to Boost Brand Visibility

E-commerce firms customarily depend on standard digital marketing strategies to boost their brand image and engage their target audience. However, research reveals that print marketing, combined with online marketing strategies, can provide emotional value to a branding campaign, thereby generating new leads and boosting brand awareness. According to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, print marketing tactics like custom stickers is becoming the new non-traditional marketing strategy for e-commerce firms.

In the digital world, e-commerce marketers have a crazy number of choices to market their brands and engage customers. Consequently, the competition for driving brand awareness amongst customers and forming their buying choices is massive. In such a cut-throat scenario, innovative branding tactics like custom sticker marketing can help businesses differentiate themselves from their competition and improve their brand awareness.

Here’s how e-commerce marketers can use custom stickers as a part of their brand strategy to grab their audience’s attention and generate conversions.

Incorporate Soft-Selling Content

Traditional marketing strategies have relied on hard-selling phrases like “Buy Now!” or “Don’t Miss Out!” to get the message across to customers and generate leads. However, a typical adult is exposed to more than 5K ads per day. Hence, most customers are in the mindset to block marketing and sales content. Making it tough for brands to cut ice with their audience.

Soft-selling content focuses on the ideas and personality that a brand embodies or conveys to its target customers. Effective manner but also appeal to your target audience.

Look at this sticker from the American Cancer Society, for instance. This association strives to spread awareness about the risk factors for cancer, a major component being cigarette smoking. Anyone who displays this sticker proudly acclaims that they support this society and their noble cause.

Similarly, an online insurance firm can use its brand colors and fonts and create content such as ‘Choose Life’ instead of the traditional hard-selling ‘Get Insured Now.’

Pay Attention to Sticker Graphics

When an existing or prospective customer decides to display a sticker, they are likely to choose one that’s visually attractive. Thus, the sticker design and type play a critical role in enticing your audience to display them.

The sticker design should not only incorporate your company logo and colors in a creative manner. But it should also resonate with your target audience. For instance, if you sell cosmetics online, your target audience will primarily comprise young girls and modern women. In such a case, attractive die-cut stickers with girl power or makeup memes or illustrations will make a significant impact. So much so, they’ll be willing to share these stickers with their friends and family, notably boosting your brand visibility.

The space that your sticker occupies on the person’s belongings comes with a premium. In other words, your custom sticker should be striking enough to win that space.

Use Custom Stickers as Endorsements

When you see someone with a custom-made sticker on their belongings, such as a laptop, tablet, backpack, book, or car, the first thought that comes to mind is that this person is a loyal customer of this particular brand. Thus, when existing or prospective customers choose to display your custom sticker, they are offering physical likes for your brand or company. These personal endorsements are a seal of approval for your brand, enhancing your brand visibility and generating additional leads.

The irony of the situation is customers do not perceive custom stickers as a form of advertisement. Thus, by giving out custom stickers, you are creating a dense network of brand advocates. Who will spread the word like wildfire without you having to spend a fortune on advertising?

Employ Custom Stickers to Boost Online Campaigns

Custom stickers can be easily used to improve the effectiveness of your online campaigns. For instance, if you wish to increase the awareness of your online marketing offers. Boost conversion rates, simply add QR codes to your sticker. Thereby encouraging customers to follow your brand and recommend it to others.

Similarly, if you want to boost the number of impressions on your brand’s social media page, include your business’s Facebook or Instagram profile handle on the customs sticker. Giving people a definite route to finding your products or services online.

Think Outside the Box

Applying innovative ways to make your brand stand out in this prevailing competitive scenario can be challenging. Put on your creative hat and use custom stickers to create a viral interest in your business.

For instance, if you are planning to launch your e-commerce venture and have a strong campaign slogan, incorporate it in your custom sticker to build hype around your brand during the pre-launch phase. Similarly, your business card can be converted into an attractive custom sticker, ensuring your brand gets maximum impressions and leads down the line.

To the digitally-devoted e-commerce firms, print marketing tactics like custom stickers may seem obsolete.

Once your sticker is seen on an individual’s personal belongings, it’s no longer a piece of advertisement, but a personal endorsement that everyone trusts. If you desire to boost your e-commerce business’ visibility and customer conversion, include custom stickers as a part of your firm’s branding strategy. Use the practical insights and information shared above to stick your brand in the minds of your audience (forgive the pun!) and drive business profitability.

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