configure mailchimp

How to configure MailChimp?

Configure MailChimp

Before you configure MailChimp, you need to have a account in MailChimp, which is free and takes few moments to signup.

Follow the below steps to create basic mailing lists.

Step 1: Go to “Lists” link and click on it and then click “Create List”.

create list in mailchimpStep 2: In the next step, provide list name, default from email address, default from name, reminder to the people how they signed up to the list and enter other information like company name,address, city etc.. and click save.


Step 3: Now your list is created and displayed in lists page.You can click on list name to add list settings.

List PageStep 4: Now click on list name ; it will redirected to list section settings. Then Click Signup Forms.

List sign up formStep 5: In this page you will see more options like general forms, embedded forms,subscriber popup etc.. Select the General Forms option.

sign up general formsStep 6: Here you can design your sign up page by adding fields which you like in the form. There are 3 sections Build it, Design it, Translate it.By using these section you can create good forms.

form creation

 After designing form page.

After designing sign up form

Step 7 : Next go back to lists section and click on add subscribers link. Here you can add subscribers manually or by importing subscribers from other source.

Add subscribersStep 8: In the add subscriber section, you can add single user to the list at a time. Here you need to check the checkbox “This person gave me permission to email them” before click on subscribe button.

You can also import csv/tab delimited files, copy pasting subscribers etc..

import subscribersStep 9: In the manage subscribers section you can view subscribers present in your list, Unsubscribe subscriber from the list or delete from the list.


Step 10: In next step go to campaign section and create a new campaign. Here you can select 1 option from 4 options.

create campaign

select campaign typeRegular campaigns are sent only once and it has a design. Plain-text campaign doesn’t have any design, if you want to send only text you can use this campaign. Using A/B testing campaigns you can test two different campaigns and check its performance. RSS allows you to send emails at specific time intervals.

Step 11: Next, you can select whether you are sending email to entire lists or particular groups or segments and click on next button.

list segmentStep 12: In the next step, give name of the campaign; which is not visible to your recipients. Add subject line, which describes what is all about your email. Ensure the From Name and From email address is correct. The tracking part helps you to track the things that all done in email . You can also connect to your twitter or Facebook account to MailChimp  and it sends status update when email goes out.

Step 14: Select template for your email.


Step 15: You can edit template to add the content of your wish. You can also change the style of the contents.

template designStep 16: Once you done with your template design you can preview and test your email by using a button at the right side called “Preview and Test”.

You can send the email to your email id to check how it renders.

This is how you configure MailChimp to send emails to subscribers.

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