How Personalization Can Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts

How Personalization Can Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts


Email marketing still stands out as one of the most powerful marketing strategies. Many marketers use it to boost their sales and generate more revenue. But did you know that personalizing your email communications can multiply your revenue?

Personalization can do wonders to your email marketing strategy. And it can help your business to thrive and grow.

Benefits of Personalized Email Marketing

When implemented correctly, personalized emails can boost your customer retention rate and increase your conversion rate. They can also help you build better relationships with your customers. This is great for improving customer loyalty and increasing engagement rate.

There are many statistics available to back these claims. 95% of marketers report that personalized emails have improved their email open rates. And they have also witnessed a striking drop in their unsubscribe rates.

Customers love when they get special treatment from brands and they expect brands to give them the same. Customers expect brands to send them tailored emails. Did you know that 55% of customers look forward to discounts and offers specially tailored for them?

Also, 37% of customers expect brands to send them emails with product recommendation based on their interests. It’s clear that personalization in email marketing is vital for your business.

Ways to Use Personalized Email Marketing

Following are some of the most effective ways to use personalized email marketing.

  • Customers abandon their shopping carts for many reasons. In situations like this, you don’t want to let go of your customers. To get them back and encourage them to complete the purchasing cycle, you can send them a personalized cart abandoned email. This email will remind them to complete their purchase. Famous brands like J.Crew use this tactic of personalized email marketing to boost their sales.
  • You can also send personalized emails with product recommendation based on your customer’s interests and preferences. Brands like Birchbox use this strategy of sending customized emails based on each customer’s hair and skin type.


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