ShootOffer – The Best Email Marketing Software You Haven’t Seen

Before starting with Shootoffer let us understand some of the facts about email marketing and how it is used in advertising.

Email Marketing Significance:

Successful Marketing strategies enclose a number of outlets to reach consumers, but as of late studies have shown that more than half of small and medium-sized organizations are allocating their main budget up to 25% to email marketing channel. Let’s look how it is trending in the industry.

The average share of the marketing budget is as follows:

  • Email Marketing – 15%
  • Events – 14%
  • Person to person – 13%
  • Print Ads – 11%
  • Direct Mail – 10%
  • Social Media – 8%
  • SEO – 8%
  • Online Display Ads – 7%
  • TV Ads – 5%
  • Radio Ads – 4%
  • Others – 2%

Why it matters ?

  • Email Marketing build brand awareness.
  • It increases sale.
  • Best lead generation channel.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships.
  • Remind customers who are you.

Now let’s begin with Shootoffer the best email marketing software.

Shootoffer is the leading email marketing software in India because it has its own significance.

Why Shootoffer ?

Shootoffer has some of the significant features as follows,

  • Sending quota – 250,000
  • Sending limit – 50,000 emails/day
  • Maximum lists – unlimited
  • Maximum Subscribers – 50,000
  • Maximum Campaigns – Unlimited
  • Create Sending Domains – Unlimited
  • Flexible layouts and designs for any brands and advanced insights to build business.

How to use Shootoffer for business ?

If you wish to create a campaign in shootoffer, here are the steps to follow for a new user.

Step 1 :

Enter the URL in the browser address bar as

Step 2 :

Once login page opens, Click on create an account.

Step 3 : 

Choose a plan based on objectives.

Step 4 :

After choosing the plan land on the account information page where necessary details is to be filled.

Step 5 :

Once done with account information, confirm email by logging into the gmail.

Step 6 :

After confirmation, directly login from the tool with respective email id and password which is filled in the account tab.

Step 7 :

Dashboard of Shootoffer will be displayed.

Step 8 :

Need to create a list of subscribers to send email, for this click on the list.

Step 9 :

After the list, click on new create list.

Step 10 :

Create a list name as follows,

Step 11 :

Import emails of .CSV file.

Step 12 :

The list is done, now create a template.

Click on template tab, two tabs will be found in which one is upload and other is create.

Upload is the html code,

When creating a plain text template, no need to insert any code. By default Shootoffer will provide a couple of free templates with drag and drop options.

Step 13 :

List and templates are done. Now it’s time to create a campaign, click on campaigns tab.

Choose regular type to use HTML code or choose plain text to use tool templates.

Step 14 : 

After choosing the campaign types, there are few easy steps to create a campaign and make it live.

Once campaign is launched, track the results on Dashboard.

Above are the results of launched campaign. These are the steps for shootoffer navigation.

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