The Importance Of Email Marketing For Your Small Business

The Importance Of Email Marketing For Your Small Business


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your audience.  The importance of email marketing is so great that we recommend most businesses develop a plan for implementation by 2020.

Email is a big part of our lives as professionals, individuals, and, yes, even consumers. 

According to Radicati Group, more than 3.7 billion people worldwide use email. That’s almost 54% of the world’s population! 

This presents a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach their target market. No matter what their audience looks like. By adding email marketing to their list of digital marketing tactics, businesses can improve their reach and visibility.

Not only does email marketing allow you to take advantage of the prospect of reaching a large group of people. It also offers benefits that other digital marketing tactics can’t provide. Email marketing allows you to personalize your messaging and tailor messages based on customer actions. You can also segment your audiences to ensure that the right leads are getting the most impactful information at the most effective times. (But more about that later.)

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons why email marketing is so important is that your competitors are using it. Marketing Land reports that of the 1.45 million emails sent per month, 1.38 million of these emails are sent by U.S. companies. This means that if you want to remain competitive in the digital marketplace, your company will need to start using email marketing to reach out to your audience.

6 Reasons You Need Email Marketing 

1. Email Marketing is Cost Effective

It’s time to talk money.

No matter what new tactics or strategies arise in the next few years in the digital marketing world, one thing will always remain the same. Companies need to find tactics that allow them to maximize their marketing budget while still achieving their overall goals. It is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to reach and engage your target audience.

It is the perfect digital marketing tactic for businesses working with small budgets. It’s relatively inexpensive to start and maintain email marketing campaigns. The cost-benefit is a major reason why your business should leverage the importance of email marketing.

2. You can reach more mobile customers with email marketing

Mobile marketing cannot be ignored when it comes to the importance of email marketing.

The number of consumers using mobile devices on a daily basis continues to climb. Statista predicts that the number of worldwide mobile phone users is expected to surpass five billion by the year 2019.

In order to ensure that your email messages are effective for mobile consumers, your business will need to create email content with a responsive design. Provide subscribers with the option to view HTML emails or emails with visuals. Any images or videos that you do use within your content should be small so that they can quickly and easily load and be viewed on a mobile device. When it comes to written content, make sure that you keep your mobile email content short and sweet, ensuring that all email links can be clicked on and lead to pages that are also mobile friendly.

3. You can automate the email marketing process

Email automation will continue to be a major topic in the discussion of the importance of email marketing.

There are many digital marketing processes that just can’t be automated. (At least, not successfully.) However, email marketing lends well to automation. In fact, automating your emails helps improve the relevancy and timeliness of your campaigns. You can use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action.

4. Email marketing makes it easy to personalize content for better response rates

Email marketing makes it easy to personalize the messaging and content you deliver to subscribers. Using data that you’ve collected from your subscribers and leads, you can work to provide more personalized and relevant content that your readers are more likely to enjoy and act on. This can improve both your open and clickthrough rates as well as your overall conversion rates.

5. You can make your email marketing interactive

As the importance of email marketing continues to rise, so will email interactiveness. Marketing Land predicts that by 2020, digital marketing that’s more interactive will have a higher appeal and response rate among various target market groups.

As the importance it continues to rise, so will email interactiveness. Marketing Land predicts that by 2020, digital marketing that’s more interactive will have a higher appeal and response rate among various target market groups. It offers businesses the opportunity to provide interactive content straight to consumer inboxes, for a much lower cost than some other marketing tactics.

Rather than sending the subscriber to a landing page right away, you can provide different types of interactive content within the body of the email. From embedded video content to email carousels, interactive content keeps consumers interested and engaged before they head back to your site to take action.

6. You can quickly and easily measure your email marketing efforts

The only way to know if a digital marketing tactic is working for your business is to measure the results. Yet another reason why your business needs email marketing by 2020 is that its metrics are easy to track and measure over time. That way, there is no guesswork or question about whether the tactics you are using are working or not.

With email marketing analytics, your business can see which users opened your emails, if they clicked any links, or if they took the desired action (or converted). You can also see how many people unsubscribed from your list after opening the email. This information becomes valuable as you work to analyze your digital marketing strategy and make adjustments for improvement.

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