Tips To Become an Email Marketing Wizard

Tips To Become an Email Marketing Wizard


Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to get your audience attention toward your products. Email marketing is also known to be most budget-friendly of all the marketing strategies Experts have demonstrated that emails offer the highest Return On Invest(ROI) of any online marketing channel including social and video marketing. VentureBeat reported that every $1 spent in email marketing could yield $38. Nearly 206 billion emails get sent daily, and bulks of them were commercial emails.

With the correct approach, you can chalk up easily by connecting more with the customers. However, it is often believed that emails being firmly replaced with tweets, status updates, chats and more.

Is Email Marketing Getting Faded?

No. This is an absolute misconception generally what we have. Stats say that by the end of 2021 number of business and consumer emails sent and received each day is favorably inclined to nearly 319.6 billion which is equal to 116 trillion emails a year! So where is the point in losing its steadiness? Amidst all these spam, annoying ads and other factors email still considered as fresh air.

People have to be mindful on being too promotional and too annoying because it’s their territory you are gliding in. However, one vital factor you need to cope up is with maintaining the best behavior throughout the marketing because it’s their personal space.

Here Are Some Of The Best Tips To Capture Real Sales While Email Campaigning

Add Value To The Campaign

A customer relationship plays a pivotal role in your campaign. You have to put something in before when you take something out. They don’t sign up to take more ads into the mail. They look for some real and expert solutions to the problems. Before sending them to make sure it adds some sensible content related to the users need.

Ask For Permission Before Entering

To become a pro at email marketing the first step to be considered is asking their permission to enter there inbox. For this, we need to aim at structuring a sizeable email list.

There are many ways to do this. Some offer a Newsletter in exchange, while some persuade them by giving some sample products and so on. However, it is essential to have a clear purpose, and you can’t ask them directly to “Enter your email address” or “Give me your email address”.


  • Why do you require your prospect’s email? What will they get in exchange?
  • Are you going to cascade their inbox with spam and junk?
  • How often will you email them and do they get any discounts, free trials or something eye-catching things?

Write Exciting Subject Lines

Subject lines play an important role in the open rate of an email campaign. To attract the customer while checking their inboxes, try using excellent punchy lines. Take time to think and crafting it to draw your subscribers attention. This is as important as a title in a blog post. Ditch the lines like “We need to talk” or “Why didn’t you reply?” This makes customers pestered and might cancel the dealings or subscriptions.

Living Up to Their Expectations

Now that you sought out by entering into your prospect’s inbox, you need to live up to their expectations. For instance, if you committed to the customer with daily updates and not updating it regularly, they may get disappointed and lose interest in your updations. On the other hand, if you promised them to give email per week and to mail them with inundated updates, there are more chances to not checking the email.

The point is to deliver the email as promised till dot. Do not forget to give an original mail of yours to the customers to provide a better insight of you and your plan to the subscribers. You have to pull off concisely with the detailed explanation.


  • Put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes before pitching too often or too seldom. Provide them with relevant information, which gives value to your subscribers.
  • Balance your Newsletter with anecdotes and with product updates.
  • Use Autoresponder for the better dealings. Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically returns the prewritten message to anyone who submits emails to a particular Internet address whether an individual or a website.

Include Social Media Links

The other side of getting high traffic to your site is to include the social media links like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms in which you are active. Social media links are very dependable regarding emails. They say that Email is the King of marketing while social media links are knights. Another critical factor to power up your market is to Cross-platform. It is an absolute hit these days regarding promotions and establishing new businesses.

Creating Mobile-Friendly Versions

Many marketers in marketing firms target desktop users. Contrary to this, often emails are read in smartphones. According to a report by Pew Research Centre in 2015, nearly 64% of Americans are smartphone users and now (2018) it has grown vastly. So it is clear now that everyone uses mobiles and it is necessary to cater the best versions to audiences to keep up a stable market through mobiles.

Keep Tracking Of Your Email Marketing Results

Analyze the factors like bounce rate and ROI to make any changes regarding the betterment of your email marketing campaign.

The bounce rate factor will help you in giving figures like how many of your subscribers deleted the email before reading it. If the bounce rate is high, you need to examine clearly what made it them to remove or unsubscribe your message. Email analytics plays a pivotal role in discerning the performance and instilling the power source to analyze the downfall and maintaining the graph rates in inclined positions.

Get Feedback From Your Subscribers

Your subscribers are the one who motivates you to change the attitude towards the email marketing methods. Don’t make it as a one-way conversation. Try to make it into a real deal by giving your subscribers incentives to complete surveys on the products. With this, you can distill the buyer’s persona and develop more compelling offers.

A single email sent at the right moment can make thousands of dollars. Once you understand the buyers or subscribers needs, they might be ready to respond to the emails you’ve sent them. No matter how big or small your firm is but email marketing is key to the development of your company.

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