Types of Email Marketing to Capture B2B Clients

Types of Email Marketing to Capture B2B Clients

When it comes to Busing to Business (B2B) Marketing, email is still considered as one of the best and quickest channels of communication. It helps in sending & receiving important data & information. Different types of Email Marketing campaigns can help you reach to your target business and convert them as your partner.

About B2B(Business 2 Business) Marketing

B2B marketing is similar to B2B in general, both connect to clients/consumers in an effort to build profitable relationships. There are key differences, especially on Digital platforms. When coming to B2B we can use industry jargons for excellent effect. It is driven with expertise and efficiency, their purchase process tends to be logical and rational. Highly detailed and lengthy content is required. The clients in B2B marketing sustain in the longer distance if once the business is started. Hence the strategies should also be effective or at least prop up the lead into a prospect first.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for B2B

Email marketing is a great way to keep our consumer intact.

Also, rather than immediate sales, B2B Email campaigns focus on customer retention or prospecting via lead generation. For lead generation, 87% of b2b marketers use different types of email marketing and have 40 times more revenue than other social media. In terms of investment, Direct Marketing Association(DMA) found that b2b marketers are getting a 40$ return for every 1$ spent.

Here a question arises that how we can increase the subscriber engagement for more sales, high revenue per customer, and end of the day better profits. Because we can get subscriber engagement only through our emails and content on them. Trust is a valuable factor in b2b marketing, once we gain it for different email marketing types that we use in our strategy, it means-

  • Lower bounce rates
  • Lower subscribes and Higher subscribes
  • Increased opens leads to engagement again that leads to Deliver-ability.

To capture the clients in B2B through email channel, here are the 6 types of Email Marketing Strategies below.

Curated Email Content

Consumers/Clients provide their contact details by believing that they will come to know what is in it for them. It’s totally our responsibility to reach their expectations and deliver them good content. Whatever be the Industry, we can do this by curated email content, by sharing interesting information.

This gives you a chance to maintain a healthy relationship and not always self-promoted. Depending on curated content, you can send these kinds of emails weekly or monthly basis.

Company Announcement Email

Usually, when there is a news/worthy content about the company it is valuable for clients to know. 26% of B2B subscribers sign-up because they want to know about the company.

So whenever we had news to share such as Award wins, product launches, new pricing options, you should tell your subscribers about this. One can either tell by writing the whole story in the Email or by providing a link which takes subscriber to a landing page.

New Article or Video Email

If a company writes any new article on its website, they can copy paste it on email or provide a link of their article in the email and send to its subscribers and clients. This can be done whenever you post a new article.

If a company is manufacturing some products they can make a video of how their products are manufactured and send to subscribers. This is one of the important Email Marketing Types which ensure that transparency is maintained. You can send these types of emails in Email Marketing monthly once to engage with an audience.

Inactive Email

As we have subscribers who do not open emails, we should keep an eye on those people and have to send emails to them with content like,

What is the company and What does it do?
How it is top in the Market?
A link which gives information about you?
Invite to start a business with them for the growth of both?

These inactive emails can be sent 3 times a year ideally, but a number can increase or decrease according to the company.

Campaign, Event, and Webinar

Email is the tool where we can promote any of the company to its audience, whether it’s a marketing campaign, Event or a webinar. We can write an email to our Clients informing them, we are going to conduct so and so campaign. By this, it can get new clients.

When a company wants to plan an event which is time-consuming and expensive, email is a great way to invite its clients to their Events. By writing a mail regarding the type of event, venue, time and why attendees should join the event, you will increase the chances of converting the client.

Webinars are the best places we can reach clients to showcase our services, products, and topics which we have the knowledge to make session interactive and gain virtual attendees. We can inform our clients about webinars and give them the link to join webinars through email.

Kissmetrics, Hubspot, Digital Vidya all these conduct webinars and inform their subscribers through email.

Thank you, Survey, Case Study Emails

Thank you emails can be sent through auto-responder when some action is done on a company website or a deal is done. In addition to thank you, one can send links to the resource page and product page. It makes a reader or client valued.

Survey emails are the difficult part that we can do by google surveys. Choosing free or paid surveys it’s up to the company. But one thing that the survey should not be lengthy, the email should be short and clear. The survey mails can be sent quarterly or two times a year. It’s Important because feedback always gives the chance for improvisation.

If you want your clients to know what exactly they can benefit from your products or services, case studies are the best ways. Send case studies or provide a link in the email to client list and add about other client testimonials, revenue growth. They always look genuine. Target your audience to whom you are sending mails by location, industry, job role etc


All the aforestated types of Email Marketing campaigns for B2B are measurable, cost-effective and result driven.

By Statistics, email marketing for B2B has important value in creating sales leads, revenue and retaining customers. For sending well-targeted mails to your B2B clients, you can build a client base and establish a connection with them.

Engaging with the clients once attained and making new clients is the main goal of B2B marketing.

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