Top 5 Facebook and Instagram Advertising Best Practices

Top 5 Facebook and Instagram Advertising Best Practices

Facebook and Instagram have been the most sought and most popular platforms in the social advertising ecosystem. Here’s why: Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms. Nearly 79% of people use Facebook, followed by 32% of people who use Instagram.

Over 70% of users visit Facebook and 51% visit Instagram every day.

And that’s not all: More than 95% of marketers believe that Facebook offers the highest ROI, followed by Twitter and Instagram.

It probably comes as a ‘no surprise’ why more and more advertisers are ready to invest their time and advertising dollars on Facebook and Instagram. But here’s something you must know: 6M active advertisers use Facebook to reach out to their target audiences.

In addition, over 2M companies now leverage Instagram for advertising. The number is likely to surpass like Twitter soon.

Given these statistics, it’s not rocket science to understand how steeper the competition curve is for advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. Merely advertising on these platforms don’t necessarily guarantee a higher ROI. In order to stand apart from the competition and reel in new prospects and customers, your Facebook and Instagram ads need to go far beyond the traditional “buy this now” approach.

5 best practices

Build an Appealing Ad Copy

The very first step towards building a successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaign is ensuring an appealing ad copy. Make sure your ad copy evokes user’s sense of entitlement and focuses on the benefits of using your products and services. Use a powerful headline. Research reveals that a popular headline length is 4 words. Don’t forget to add positive emotional triggers in your ad copy. Remember, the best way to improve the likelihood of success for your ad campaign. Ensure that mirrors the objective of your target audiences.

Optimize your Targeting

Now that you’ve created a compelling ad copy, it’s time to decide who to show your ads to. Remember, you don’t want to show your ad to everyone. Instead, you’ll want to show your ads to those who are actually looking for your products or services. How do you cut through the crowd and reach out to your ideal customers? Here’s how: Segregate your ideal customers by analyzing the audience segment they fall in, their challenges, and the solutions they are seeking. Identify what actions you want your prospects to take. Layer your audience segment with filters such as job titles, activity, browsing behavior, device owned, etc. Don’t forget to use Facebook conversion pixel tracking.

Pick a Strong Call to Action

Call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of your ads. After all, adding CTAs to your Facebook page can improve your CTR by 285%. When selecting your ad’s CTA button; ensure that your CTA aligns with the overall brand message. Make sure your CTA immediately captures your target audiences’ attention and drives them to click on it. Don’t use mismatching or misleading CTAs as they may put off your target audiences.

Use Strong Landing Pages

The objective of your ad is to drive target audiences to your landing pages. After all, a landing page is where the conversion takes place. But you’ll need to ensure that your landing page aligns with the objective of your ad. How? By optimizing vital landing page elements including layout, copy and lead gen forms. Remember, 80% of traffic goes to the top 10% landing pages.

A/B Test Your Advertisements

A/B testing is the most popular way to optimize conversions rates. Check out this graph below to see the potential difference in marketing results when A/B testing is utilized, compared to when it isn’t.

A/B testing can help you instantly understand what’s working and what’s not working with your ad. In fact, A/B testing your ads and optimizing them can help you increase conversion rates up to 300%.


So there you have it – top 5 Facebook and Instagram advertising best practices every marketer must know in 2019 and beyond. While there is a host of other best practices marketers can follow to boost traffic and generate sales from their Facebook and Instagram ads, the above-mentioned best practices form the foundation for it.

Now it’s time to put the learning into practice and optimize your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for better results.

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