Best Online Form Builder Applications for 2018

Best Online Form Builder Applications for 2018


Forms are the important part of a website. They help in collecting the leads, feedback, payments and much more.

It is possible to get the forms built up by the professional developers, but many of the websites also offer the choice to develop forms. These websites are termed as form builders.

These builders can help in customizing and developing the forms as per the user preference. The method of form development is quite similar with different form builders.


FormGet is the HTML form development builder that lets the user develop a basic form for FREE.

It can be used anytime without any technical knowledge. It has multiple additional features such as canned replies, team management, email notifications, and many others.

Features of FormGet

  • FormGet is easy to use and boasts of drag-drop feature available for form development.
  • The FormGet works in the absence of any website as well. The form can directly be created and linked to the email account.
  • Conditional logic possible with FormGet.
  • Payment integration is possible with PayPal & Stripe payment processor.
  • Helpdesk available to resolve any query.
  • Detailed analytics reports possible with FormGet.
  • Sell your services or product within few minutes. Easy setup!
  • Collect one-time payment or recurring payments (Monthy, Yearly subscription).


1st Plan:- FormGet provides a FREE plan where you can create unlimited forms, get unlimited leads and storage up to 100 MB.

2nd Plan:- This is the second plan where you will be charged $97 annually for unlimited form, leads, users, collect payments via PayPal & Stripe, unlimited data storage, and get all extensions which are applicable for only 1 form.

3rd Plan:- For the third plan you will be charged $197 yearly and get all extensions which are applicable for 5 forms, create unlimited forms & everything that you have in plan 2.

4th Plan:- For this plan, you have to pay $297 yearly where you will get everything unlimited – get all extensions which is applicable for unlimited forms, create unlimited forms.

Pabbly Forms

Pabbly Forms win hands-down when it comes to the cheapest and most effective form builders. Using Pabbly Forms, you can create any kind of forms in a blink of an eye using drag and drop builder. Also, you can further enhance your created form with the in-built conditional logic. Now, the forms you’ve created can also be integrated with various payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. So, you can collect payments hassle-free.

With this, you get some really impressive features like submission reports through email, autoresponder, canned replies, and the list goes on.

Features of Pabbly Forms

  • It offers you a fresh breeze sliding and pop-up forms which you can create using drag and drop builder.
  • To offer security against spammers and bots, the forms come with the feature of ReCaptcha.
  • Then, it provides data security using data encryptions and provides secure payments with SSL encryption.
  • You can schedule when to take forms on air and when to take them off air using form scheduling feature.
  • There’s also an option to add media files like images, videos to your forms.


Pabbly Forms has got 4 distinctive pricing plans. These all are extremely affordable and the cheapest in the web market.

Starters Plan – This plan has a price range of $5 per month. In this $5, you get 1 form, 1 user, 1200 submissions along with 1 payment account. Apart from these, you get an array of features like multilingual forms, SSL encryption, ReCaptcha, 3rd party integrations and a lot more.

Rookie Plan – It costs you $35 per month. In this plan, you get 5 forms, 25 users, 25K Submissions along with 5 payment account. Along with these, you get an autoresponder, custom message, social sharing with social sharing icons and a lot more.

Pro Plan – This plan costs $79 per month. You get features like unlimited forms, 10 users, 60k submissions along with 15 payment account. With this plan, you’ll also get Google Analytics Integration, Dropbox account integration, multiple currencies, with 260+ free templates and a lot more.

Advance Plan – It costs you $99 per month. This form gives you everything in unlimited like forms, payment accounts, users, submissions and a lot more. This also gives you priority support along with a live chat support and more.

Google Forms

Google has almost taken over all our works and functions. With Google Docs, it provides an excellent alternative to the Microsoft Word. It also serves as a tool for form development with its inbuilt feature of Google Forms. The biggest advantage of using the Google Docs is its familiarity for the users as well as the storage space it allows on the system.

Features of Google Forms

  • The Google Forms are free. No charges are applied for the use of these forms.
  • The form procedure is faster as compared to the other apps with Google Forms.
  • Further processing of data is possible using the excel files of the Google Docs.
  • Google actually can provide the quick graphs and analytics for the forms instantly.
  • These forms can be edited by the team just like Google Docs.


  • Free of cost.

Limitations of Google Docs

  • The biggest limitation of Google Docs is that there are no customization options. The Google Forms comes with the standard format, and the same can only be used.
  • With the Google Docs, only basic form fields available. No frills like payment option, customization of the output can be added to Google Docs.


WuFoo as a form builder provides the look as well as the features in the form. It allows anything to be added to the form including the payment options as well as the file uploader. It has been there for a long time, and it is possible that you have already heard of it. This easy to use form builder with strong reporting skills is perfect for beginners as well as for the seasoned users.

Features of WuFoo

  • Wufoo offers strong form analytic feature which allows the user analyze the number of visits to the form and how the form was utilized by the viewers.
  • Wufoo comes with intuitive Drag and Drop features which allow the ease of form development.
  • Logic branching options of Wufoo allows the logic to be developed so as to allow the viewers to skip the certain sets of questions.
  • Wufoo offers payment integration services to the users through PayPal.
  • Also, with Wufoo, it is possible to automatically save the data to Dropbox, Google Drive or any other synched option.


Free for first three forms and 100 entries; $14.95/month for up to 10 forms and 500 entries; $29.95+/month after that.

Limitations of WuFoo

  • The forms cannot communicate with each other to develop the meaningful report and hence each of the forms needs to be studied independently.
  • If one of the fields is deleted, all data collected prior to deletion is lost. This creates the concern when the form is to be archived.
  • Wufoo has a fixed set of fields to select from and does not allow much in the form of customization of fields.
  • Although the fields cover the majority of the sections, the users might have to search for some other form builder if they are looking for a specific field.


JotForm is one of the easiest, fastest full-featured form builders. It is possible to immediately start building up of forms on The site does not ask for any sign-ups for the free user and the responses can be received by adding the email id in the end. The code generated while preparing the form then needs to be added to the website. This form maker is buzzing with multiple features and is one of the most famous form-builder preferred by the users.

Features of JotForm

  • JotForm offers fully customizable form with more than 2500 templates and 40 themes.
  • Customization of the form is quite easy with UI interface of JotForm.
  • Conditional logic and development of branched-out form is possible with the use of JotForm
  • No registration needed for the development of free forms.
  • Payment option of JotForm supports eight gateways of the payment including the major gateway of PayPal, Stripe etc.
  • 24*7 Customer Support Available is available with JotForm.
  • Visual Report Building allowed using the responses of the form. This helps in analyzing the responses of the JotForm.


Free for unlimited forms and up to 100 entries; $9.95/month for unlimited forms and up to 1,000 entries, $19.95+/month after that.

Limitations of JotForm

  • Subscription limitation prevents future entry of forms, and the same can be changed only at the end of the calendar month.
  • The website of JotForm is slightly outdated website.


If you’re looking for the creation of a professional form or want a form for the business feature, there is no better form generator like FormStack. With its feature of denying submission, advanced payment processing, digital signature, encryption etc. this form generator is preferred by all those who are looking for extra features in the form.

While the other entire form app plays in the basic form generation, FormStack takes the process a notch higher with its interesting and non-beatable features.

Features of FormStack

  • FormStack has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to develop the forms.
  • It offers the ability to archive the form without the loss of data. This is a definite advantage over the Wufoo and other form builders.
  • Conditional logic available to develop the branched out form with FormStack.
  • It allows the forms to have the ability to send attachments.
  • Integration with the third parties like Twitter, Google Docs etc. possible while using FormStack.
  • Live Chat for Customer Support is provided to solve all the users’ concerns.
  • A tips and trick blog is available to the FormStack users which help the users stay ahead in the game. This tips and tricks blog helps the users in making their form more user-friendly.


Free usage for 3 forms; $14 for 5 form plan; 20 forms for $29 plan, $59/month for up to 100forms and 2,000 entries; $99+/month after that.

Limitations of FormStack

  • The biggest limitation is its comparatively higher price. The FormStack is priced higher than its counterparts.
  • Limitations on all levels of membership are there, thus making the process a bit difficult for the users.


TypeForm is a different kind of form generator. While all the other form generator shows the entire form in a single view, TypeForm allows the users to defy the convention and work on one question at a time. This visually delightful form generator allows the user to attach the pictures and multimedia in the form itself.

Features of TypeForm

  • With Type form, interesting and creative form creation is possible because of the freedom of the question and layout selection.
  • TypeForm allows free-form creation possible with an unlimited number of responses.
  • Huge numbers of templates are available which can be further modified to suit the requirement of the users.
  • TypeForm allows using images, videos, and multimedia in the form.
  • TypeForm also allows the use of images as buttons in interactive forms.
    Payment integration is possible with TypeForm.
  • TypeForm supports the logic jumps and branching.


Free with core features; $20/month with pro features of logic jumps, payment etc.

Limitations of TypeForm

  • One of the limitations of TypeForm is that there are limited options for analyzing the report. Unlike the above-indicated software, the TypeForm does not provide a detailed analytic report.
  • Second limitation is that its integration is only with the limited number of payment gateway, unlike the other similar form generators.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a WordPress plug-in used for generation of forms on the WordPress blogs. This plug-in is available for free for a lifetime with the basic version for unlimited forms with unlimited responses. Further features are available with the paid version. For the users using WordPress, the tool of Ninja Form is a real boon.

Features of Ninja Forms

  • Customizable Notifications for the response to the forms are available with Ninja forms.
  • Ninja forms provide an option of sorting, searching and downloading the entries through .CSV format.
  • Customization of CSS and layout available with the paid version of Ninja Forms.
    Ninja forms come with built-in Akismet Protection to protect from the spam.


Free for unlimited basic forms; add-on extensions from $19 and more each.

Limitations of Ninja Forms

  • Ninja forms require a self-hosted WordPress site as this is practically a WordPress extension.
  • Each extension of Ninja forms is priced at a variable price with price ranging from $19 to $49. This can make the form far more expensive than its counterparts.


FormAssembly is a simple form builder tool which helps in building form for an international audience with its wide language support. The biggest advantage of this form builder is that instead of plain drag and drop, it allows the user to customize the forms and form layout from the scratch.

Features of FormAssembly

  • FormAssembly offers the translation in for more than 30 languages.
  • FormAssembly can be utilized for the as the WordPress plug-in or as an independent form with its utilization capability.
  • Pay-as-you-go feature in FormAssembly available for the websites which are not sure about the traffic.
  • Form Scheduling and Calculated Fields Option is available in FormAssembly.
  • FormAssembly offers an unlimited number of forms for free users as well.
  • It offers a guarantee against Spam and does not count the spam responses.
  • FormAssembly offers Excellent and strong online support.
  • Payment Collection possible is possible directly through the form built using FormAssembly.


$28/month for basic features; from $59/month for API access and advanced integrations; from $250/month to run on your own server.

Limitations of FormAssembly

  • FormAssembly does not accept the attachments.
  • FormAssemby’s form does not allow inclusion of Captcha.

Gravity Forms

Gravity form is another plug-in for the WordPress which helps in building the form within a WordPress website. The biggest advantage of using Gravity forms is that these are theme-optimized forms, i.e. the forms embed themselves with the theme of the website seamlessly without any special programming by the users.

Features of Gravity Forms

  • Gravity forms offer ease of form development from within the website itself.
  • Integration with a large number of third-party websites like Google Docs, PayPal, Stripe etc. with Gravity form.
  • Unlimited forms with no restriction on results can be generated using Gravity form.
  • Gravity form offers attractive pricing with special re-sign discounts which makes them an attractive choice for the lower budget users.


From $39 per site, with 1 year of upgrades and support.

Limitations of Gravity Forms

The biggest limitation of these forms is that it charges quite a high price to integrate the E-commerce.


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