Freelancing website – is an online marketplace where you can sell your skills or offer your services for $5. The main concept behind this website is to sell your services at Fiverr and people who are interested in purchasing your services or using your skills will hire you and pay you $5 per service.

This website is completely free and it is easy to join. If you have not earned anything you need not to pay anything for the website’s services. Once you start earning, Fiverr deducts a $1 payment for its services through which it ensures a heavy flow of traffic. So, once the service charges are deducted you will be paid around $4 for every gig through the payment method that you choose. It also offers opportunity to use several other tools to freelancers so that they can make  their gigs beautiful as much as they want to attract maximum buyers.

Earn money through Fiverr:

Making money through Fiverr is not a diifficult task. You can sign up for free and this is the first step towards selling your gigs at this online platform.


Create your gig

Creating a gig requires many steps.

First step is to identifying your skills and the services you can provide. You can sell gigs such as advertising, graphics, travel, business, digital marketing, writing, designing, crafts, music, advertising, etc. The main thing that you need to remember is that your Fiverr gig should be useful to buyer.

fiverr skills

Once you sign in, you will be navigated to home page. Click on ‘Start Now’ link in the ‘START SELLING’ section.

fiverr-start selling

Click on ‘Become a seller’ link.


Enter the information required  to create your Fiverr gig.


Click on ‘Continue & Create your First Gig’


Fill below details and click on ‘save’.


Enter scope and pricing details.


Provide  your requirements to your buyer and click on ‘save and continue’.


Update images of your works to Gig gallery.


Click on ‘Publish’ to get work from buyers.


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