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Once you have published your Fiverr gig, now it’s time to promote it.

  • Share it with your friends and family.
  • Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. If you  have a blog or a website, share it there also. Share it in forums also because forums has lot of potential buyers.
  • Interact with buyers.

If you start promoting your gig you will receive buyers

  • Communicate with them clearly.
  • Try to complete the orders within the given time, if possible before the given time. If it cannot be delivered on time inform to buyer.
  • Try to provide you buyers with a little more than what they want. For example, if it’s a blog writing job and you agreed to provide 400 words, then write 500 words.
  • Feedback are important when working in Fiverr. So ask them to leave you a feedback about your work. Positive feedback will help you to get more number of clients.

Different ways to market Fiverr gig.

  • Adding a video related to your Fiverr gig will help you to notice among large number of people. Most of the gigs do not have videos, so by adding a video will be an advantage to you.Optimizing tags is one of best ways of promoting your gig on Fiverr. Use Google Keyword tool to find out which keywords are used most by buyers when they are searching for services related to your offering, and use those as tags. 
  • Offer to write guest posts in exchange for your  gig’s free marketing.
  • Participating in contests that some companies will conduct is a best way of promoting your gig for free. These companies basically need free Fiverr entries for their contest, so by sending in your gig you can attract a lot of potential buyers.
  • Participate in the Fiverr Forum in order to increase your presence in the Fiverr community. Here you can’t directly link to your gigs, but you can help others and answer queries.

Earn good amount of money on Fiverr

Working hard is the best way of earn lot of money on Fiverr till you reach level 1. You need to work even hard to reach higher level.

There are 3 Fiverr levels.

  • 1st Level seller
    If you manage to create 10 orders then you can successfully use the first level tools that Fiverr provides. You need excellent ratings along with the order.
  • 2nd Level Seller
    If you manage to gain at least 50 orders along with positive ratings, then you are upgraded to 2nd level. When you get upgraded to 2nd level, you can use additional tool features provided by Fiverr.
  • 3rd level Seller
    This is the highest level of Fiverr. You can get into this level if the Fiverr moderators personally choose you. They choose based on the your ratings and performance.

Once you get upgraded to each level you will get additional tools that are not available to other sellers, and also VIP support. This helps you earn a lot. If you provide your orders within 24 hours, you will be offered the ‘Express’ status, which helps to get more customers towards you.

Fiverr is an amazing platform for those who want to make some additional income. It’s easy to use, and has high traffic, so the chances that your gig will get chosen by plenty of buyers. For this you need to advertise your Fiverr gig in such a way that it encourages buyers to buy your gig.

If you have any difficulty, you can contact Fiverr customer support:




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