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Freelancing is one of the way to make money online.Now a days People earning money online through freelancing sites.

The term ‘freelancer’ means self employed and is not committed to one particular employee for a long time. Freelancer simply performs a service for anyone who was willing to pay the price for it.

Today, Many people are working as freelancers from their home and there are freelancing sites which provides jobs for them through online.

Freelancing has become popular due to the several reasons like decrease in job opportunities, an increase in internet accessibility, and companies providing freelance services are major factors that resulted in increase in popularity of this industry. India occupied number 1 rank in freelancing.

Advantages of freelancing

No boss: In Freelancing you are your own boss. Generally in jobs, you have to work according to what your boss wants. But in Freelancing  you can choose your work, working hours, set the price you want.

Work in your comfortable Time – people like students, house wives etc.. who can’t work at a fixed time because of various commitments can make their own schedule. This job is done from anywhere even if you are travelling. What all you need is laptop and an internet connection that’s it, you can earn good amount of money.

Expand your business – Lot of money and effort required to Expand a business. Freelancing allows you to start a new business because all the profit you earn from it is going to go in your pocket which can be used to expand your business.

Start a journey in freelancing

 freelancing sites

First thing you should do before starting freelancing is choosing a craft or service you can provide. So make a list of all the things that you are good at and you can do. It can be anything from writing and designing, to programming or even consulting. So, for instance, if you are good at programming you can create websites.

Once you have selected the craft you want to do, the next step is to brand yourself. This brand name will become an identity for your business over all marketing channels, such as social media platforms, freelancing websites, etc. below are few tips that will help you to choose the perfect brand name are:

  • Choose the name which is easy to remember
  • Make sure the services you are offering are mentioned in that brand name so that it can immediately identify you and your services.
  • Easy to spell. Try not to put lot of special characters

Making a portfolio is very important. A portfolio basically consists of the work you have done previously. Many employees are not much concerned with your qualifications; they just want to see examples of what you have done before. So for this purpose portfolio is important. If you have positive testimonials with portfolio will help you to get hired. However, both of these things are not necessary to get work. You can get freelance work without a portfolio and testimonials as well.

Once you are done with branding your business, you can start looking for places where you can get work. There are several online platforms, which includes freelancing sites, job boards, forums, etc., that provide freelance work, and you can join in any or all of the in order to receive work.

Getting the first job is usually the toughest task. So you need to build contacts and let everyone to know that you are available for hire. Networking is one of the main part of freelancing. So sign up for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to build social media presence for your brand. There is greater chances of becoming successful if you are providing genuine service to clients.


Freelancing  sites

There are so many freelancing sites that will help you to get freelancing jobs.

Elance is the oldest and most trusted online platform for freelancers.

Create an account by signing up and then complete your profile by filling in all the required details. Once you’ve filled all the details, you can browse through jobs and bid on the jobs that you feel you can perform well in that. If you are better than all other applicants in either your skill or bid, or both, then the client will hire you to work for. Payments will be done through Elance.

Freelancer is one of the biggest freelance company. It was launched in the year 2003.

To create a account in, click on sign up. Fill details in your profile, and browse through jobs to find ones that you like. Bid on them in order to get hired. Payment is made through the website itself.

ODesk is relaunched as UPwork which provides opportunities for freelancers.

Create an account by signing up and then browse through the jobs available based on your skills. Fill out applications for jobs that you like, and once you are hired you can easily track the hours or your project status through Upwork. Payments are done through Upwork. 

Other freelancing sites that will help you to find out jobs that match your skills are mentioned below.

Best freelancing career

Content Writing

content-writingThere are large number of online platforms available which provide a plenty of job opportunities for content writers. You can also create website or blogs which offers content writing services in the topic which you like. You can also an choose from  articles, blogs, greeting cards, advertisements, etc.

Graphic designing

graphic-designingThis is another field which has lot of job opportunities. All you need is good graphic designing skills,computer, internet connection. Creativity is the most important thing that a graphic designer should have.

Website development

website-developmentNow a days, companies are creating Websites to increase their  online presence. So many companies looking out for web developers in freelancing as it contains so many people with good skills. Therefore there is a lot of job opportunities for web developers.

Digital Marketing/Online Marketing 

digital-marketingAnother popular task in freelancing is online marketing. Success is almost guaranteed in this field if you have a good online marketing sense. Social media marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing are a few popular branches of online marketing on which you can get expertise.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

seoCompanies invest a lot in good SEO services as Google updating and changing its algorithm every few days. If you provide good results you will get more job and high pay. Even if you’re a beginner in this field, you can quickly pick up necessary skills and start earning.

Video Creation

video-marketingCompanies are more interested in creating promotional videos for their products and videos. So this field also have a very good job opportunities in freelancer.


photographyIf you are a good photographer, you can easily find jobs that pay good money. With social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can build up your brand name very easily. For example Wedding photography most popular now a days so in this area you can definitely earn a good money.

Freelancing is not only easy but can also provide you with a huge amount of monthly income if you do it right. You just need to grab the job opportunities that come your way, and keep networking on social media websites.

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