FTP – File Transfer Protocol

Introduction to FTP


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Most of the webmasters use FTP to upload their files, pages, and pictures to their web hosting space. There are many different FTP programs available, some free and some paid. Using FTP we can download files from web host to our computer.

FileZilla is more recommended FTP software. It is a 100% free and it has all the good features of FTP software.

Downloading Filezilla

You can visit site to download latest version of Filezilla.

Installing FileZilla

Once you downloaded FileZilla, you can install it by running the downloaded file. The installation steps are self explanatory. If you have any trouble in installing FileZilla software you can go to website

Upload files to server Using FileZilla

FTP Server

Connecting to FTP server is similar to connecting to any other server on the web. To establish connection, you have to use host name, username,password and port number. The ‘ftp’ in the prefix of host name identifies it as an FTP server. For instance You can connect to FTP server in 2 approaches. One is to make it so anybody can login anonymously or assign username and password to people so that only they should access. A port number is a way to identify a specific process to be forwarded to an Internet or other network message when it comes to a server. Default port for FTP protocol is 20 and 21.

To learn how to connect filezilla to your web hosting and upload files , please go through the link

For the test, try to upload any type of file there and then accessing it through your domain name from the web browser.

Once you get to know the things, it will really easy to upload (or download) files from your web hosting.

You might be come across some problem while doing this. If you face any difficulty, then go through the following link:

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