5 Ways To Measure Influencer Marketing On Instagram

5 Ways To Measure Influencer Marketing On Instagram


Influencer marketing is a term that has been used pretty much everywhere where companies are trying to leave a mark. It is pretty important, one of the main reasons why companies or brands grow, especially nowadays.

We live in a social media era. Everything we do, everyone we meet, everywhere we go is posted somewhere, either by us or by our friends. So yes, our lives have become open books to complete strangers. And just because of that, just because it is so easy (literally a click away) to learn something about someone, companies are having lots of fun. They are using this to their benefit with ease.

Influencer marketing is pretty much advertising. The only difference between these kinds of adverts and regular kind of adverts is that these are written, spoken, shared a day in, day out, by people all around the globe. What people from large campaigns do is inspire or hire other people to get the word out for you.

There is no better advert than that! A live word! No billboard or TV commercial will do the trick like your neighbor will, telling you about a new, awesome company that is right around the corner, and imagine the coincidence, it has the stuff that you need right now.

How Do You Know If Influencer Marketing Is Working?

You’ve kick-started your brand, made an Instagram profile, and now you are ready to go. All you need to know is see if you are actually growing or not. Here is what you can do.

Check The Number Of Your Followers

The first thing that normal human beings check when they visit someone’s profile. This brand looks nice, or, this guy looks nice, let me see how many followers does he/she have.

You should keep your numbers in check every day. If you notice an increase, you’re on the right track.

The more followers you have, and by followers, not bots, the more chance you have of becoming big. It’s pretty hard and basically impossible to make a strong brand that is going to be talked about each day if you don’t.

Check Interaction On Your Posts

When you gain some followers check whether they really follow you.

If you have people commenting on your every post, tagging their friends in the comment section, like your every picture, then you are, again, on the right track.

This is a fantastic way of spreading the word about your brand. Someone likes it, sees an interesting picture, promotion or whatever on your page, and then starts commenting and tagging their friends. In no time, your comment section will be flooded with hundreds of people and the number of followers will be increased in the process.

To make this come to life, you must post engaging content on a daily basis. At least two interesting posts per day. That will increase your chances of being noticed.

Check The Number Of Shout Outs And Hashtags

Instagram has definitely changed the world of marketing with this one. Millions of hashtags (#hashtag_about_something) and shout-outs are literally being made right now while you are reading this.

You want to mention something that you’re talking about and do it in a cool way, you use a hashtag. With that being said, hashtags and shout-outs are an excellent thing for you. If you gained on that number, you are definitely getting to that highlight.

Hashtags are often being used for some kind of challenges and games as well. Most of the popular brands today are using this for free giveaways. For an example, if you hashtag their company’s name in your post, you will earn the right to participate in the contest.

Check The Number Of Reposts

This is very similar to the “Share” function that Facebook has. This is one of the best ways to gain more popularity. If people repost your content, they are pretty much openly saying “I like this brand, it’s fantastic, you should like it too.”

Check The Number Of Clicks On Your URL

Your profile’s bio should be filled with interesting details about your company, but it should also include a link to your official website. You can make a tracking mechanism incorporated in the URL you posted in your bio. After that, you should simply track the number of clicks. With that, you can see how effective your influencer marketing campaign is at driving traffic through that URL.


Having good influencers in your team will benefit you. You should be careful while choosing. If your influencers that talk about you are famous and liked by many other people, there’s more chance that you will be liked too, even without them previously knowing about you.

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