How to Optimize Images for Web Performance without Losing Quality

How to Optimize Images for Web Performance without Losing Quality When starting a new blog, many beginners simply upload images without optimizing them for the web. These large image files make your website slower. You can fix this by using image optimization best practices as part of your regular blogging routine. What is Image Optimization? (Optimized vs Unoptimized Images) Image […]

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Types Of Marketing

Types Of Marketing We are living in an era where marketing is the backbone of any business. If you are also planning to set up a new business then you will have to have a clear mindset about your marketing campaigns. “As per the statistics, around 63% of companies around the world consider generating traffic and leads their biggest marketing […]

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Common Misconceptions in Digital Marketing 


Common Misconceptions in Digital Marketing  Marketing isn’t for everyone, but thanks to digital marketing, its message reaches almost all. The ease of using digital marketing strategies may tempt many newbies into thinking that they’re know-it-all marketing punters. As professional marketers know all too well, it’s never that straightforward. We’ll get straight to the point – the biggest misconception about digital marketing is […]

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools

Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools   Search engines (SEO) are a major source of traffic for most websites on the internet. Optimizing your website for search engines can help you rank higher in search results and significantly grow your business. Things You Must Know About WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools When reading SEO tips or searching for “best free […]

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How to Use Social Media

How to Use Social Media Don’t be one of those well-known companies that ruined their reputation with one social media campaign. Pepsi’s anti-Black Lives Matter commercial went viral online for all the wrong reasons. An unfortunate McDonald’s hack seriously trashed POTUS on Twitter. The Department of Education misspelled a popular author’s name. Whether it’s in your control or not (thanks, […]

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