Website building concepts – Web Hosting

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Domain Name and Web Hosting Space This post contains information about registering domain name and getting web hosting space from web hosting sites to host website on the internet. Domain Name Registration Once you have chosen a domain name, you need to submit your domain name registration request to a registrar. There are several reputed companies from which you can […]

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Website building concepts – Domain Names

Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name Consider the below domain names. Here ‘google’,’mozilla’, ‘portswigger’ are the domain names and ‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.net’ are the domain extensions. Following are Important things to keep in mind: .COM is the most popular domain extension followed by .NET and .ORG. .IN is a popular extension for Indian market, so if your website focuses […]

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Introduction to Freelancing


Freelancing   Freelancing is one of the way to make money online.Now a days People earning money online through freelancing sites. The term ‘freelancer’ means self employed and is not committed to one particular employee for a long time. Freelancer simply performs a service for anyone who was willing to pay the price for it. Today, Many people are working […]

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Digital Marketing Strategies


How Does Digital Media Marketing Works? Digital Media Marketing uses certain strategies to increase traffic on websites. This makes the business or brand popular on the internet. Here are most commonly used strategies by Digital Media Marketing.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization This teaches how to stay on top of search engines , when it comes to website rankings. People […]

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Digital Marketing


Introduction to Digital Marketing Digital marketing is also known as Online marketing, web marketing or Internet marketing. Traditionally, marketing is done via advertisements on radio, television or the Print media but in digital marketing, marketing is done online, over the internet. Digital marketing involves promotion of the products and services which is same as traditional marketing does. Now a days […]

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Affiliate Marketing Terminologies


Affiliate Marketing Terminologies There are many terminologies we come across while understanding Affiliate Marketing. It is necessary to understand those terminologies. Here we are discussing on Affiliate marketing terminologies. Below are few terminologies that should be familiar with while working on Affiliate Marketing.  Advertiser/Merchant – The advertiser is the company that produces the products or the services that you are […]

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