WordPress Installation Guide

WordPress installation locally

WordPress Installation Locally using XAMPP With localhost install, you can run your test site more quickly than online.It is more secure and provides you testing environment. So in this post we are providing details on WordPress installation locally. Here we are also explaining XAMPP installation. Because XAMPP is necessary for WordPress to run on your local machine. Installing XAMPP 1. […]

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WordPress Basics – Beginners Guide

Wordpress basics - featured image

WordPress Basics If you are new to WordPress and wants to build a site or blog with it, this post will explain WordPress basics to help you to understand what actually WordPress is and how WordPress works. WordPress is an online, free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and mySql. It is most powerful and easiest CMS […]

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Selecting the right WordPress Theme

selcting wordpress theme for website

Choose Right WordPress  Theme for Your Website With WordPress, we can build amazing, beautiful websites even though you don’t have technical knowledge. But it is important to choose WordPress website themes for your website before you start building it. This article helps you to select best WordPress website themes for your websites. List out Features that you want for your […]

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Top free WordPress Themes – 2016

top wordpress themes

Top WordPress Themes The best thing about using WordPress for your website or blog is that we can customize its look very easily. Here we have discussed few top WordPress themes  available on the Internet, you can select the best WordPress theme out of it. This posts describes few WordPress themes that you can use for your websites or blogs. […]

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Digital Marketing – PPC Marketing

PPC feature image

Pay-per-Click Marketing(PPC Marketing) Pay-per-Click or PPC is an important strategy which helps to send messages to our target audience or relevant customer group. PPC marketing is a kind of marketing where search engine advertising  is used to generate clicks to your website, instead of earning those clicks organically. The below image is an example of PPC Marketing where green highlighted […]

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