FTP – File Transfer Protocol


Introduction to FTP   FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Most of the webmasters use FTP to upload their files, pages, and pictures to their web hosting space. There are many different FTP programs available, some free and some paid. Using FTP we can download files from web host to our computer. FileZilla is more recommended FTP software. It is […]

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Earn Money Online without investment


Simple and Easy ways to earn money online People now a days more interested to earn money online. There are numerous sites in the internet offer you to make money online. But the bad things is that there are many scam web sites that won’t pay money properly. However, one legal website which will pay you is: microworkers.com. Microworkers is […]

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Linking Domain name to web host

web host site

Connecting Your Domain Name to Your Web Host Once you have a domain name and web hosting space, you have to link it. To point your domain name to web host you need to perform simple operation. If you have any problems in registering a domain name or getting web hosting space, contact godaddy.com support. The support team is available 24 […]

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Website building concepts – Web Hosting

web hosting image

Domain Name and Web Hosting Space This post contains information about registering domain name and getting web hosting space from web hosting sites to host website on the internet. Domain Name Registration Once you have chosen a domain name, you need to submit your domain name registration request to a registrar. There are several reputed companies from which you can […]

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Website building concepts – Domain Names

Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name Consider the below domain names.  google.com developer.mozilla.org portswigger.net Here ‘google’,’mozilla’, ‘portswigger’ are the domain names and ‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.net’ are the domain extensions. Following are Important things to keep in mind: .COM is the most popular domain extension followed by .NET and .ORG. .IN is a popular extension for Indian market, so if your website focuses […]

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