4 Smart Tips to Create Quality Content of any Topic

4 Smart Tips to Create Quality Content of any Topic


Writing quality content for your blog is easier said than done. Developing rankable blog posts is a science which has to be mastered if you want to serve your readers with high -quality content.Find your voice and add it to the original content.Having meaningful things to say can actually help your blog with people’s love and Google’s blessings.

What is authority content and why should you care?

You should care because the core idea behind content marketing establishing authority and delivering value.

To make sales in any niche, people should value your advice.They don’t question your recommendations when your readers start considering you an authority.


content authority

This the reason why influential articles can generate more sales for brands when compared to direct selling.
Authority will help you to gain trust and influence.

All the Expert content writers tell you 3 core components of authority content.

  • Well-researched
  • Detailed and In-depth
  • Actionable

Such content in a niche is very difficult to create.
By making a few changes to your writing style, you can make your content appear high quality.

Let me tell you how.

1.Analyze your Competitors to understand the niche


Picking up a topic and writing on it, is not the way to write a quality article. You have to put efforts on research to make the content more meaningful and informative. Identify the most influential marketers and most popular blogs in that niche. In the digital world, you can find several resources available to develop an informative, creative and worth appreciable content on your website. Buzzsumo, Google Scholar, google books, Wikipedia and much more are always there at your service for FREE. You can get excellent articles and research pages by the experts and professionals from those websites. Add more and more colors of excellence according to your standard skills and experiences and use that information as a reference for your content. Research and write a positive content.

2.Write on a narrow topic to simplify research

narrow topic

To create authority content in any niche, you need to follow the 3 core components which I mentioned earlier. To cover 10 different topics in one post is a very challenging task. Sometimes you feel more difficult when you try to do this in a niche you know nothing about. The smarter route is to identify narrow topics within your niche, break them down into even smaller segments and create separate posts on all of them.

3.Visual content to keep your readers engaged

visual content

By using snapshots and visuals make your content look professional and trustworthy. Visuals not only makes your content look professional and trustworthy but it also helps to understand and consume information much more effectively.

A reader is much likelier to remember visual based content as compared to simple text. Colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by almost 80% says the recent study by scientists. Using images and snapshots with your content even when they add no apparent value recommended by neuro-marketing expert . Visual content may go viral on social media.

4.Quote other experts and thought leaders to look more trustworthy

quotes experts

Make your content trustworthy is by quoting and mentioning the one who is already established niche experts in your content. This is the quickest way to establish credibility. You’re in a new niche, so people don’t know you. But they know the other influencers. You can simply borrow their credibility to look credible yourself.


Quality content can be anything.You don’t need to be a scientist to write great researched posts. Your aim should be to provide value to the readers.
Additionally, you must take care that your content is presented safely to the search bots. There is no point over-optimizing the content.

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