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Search engine indexing for your blogs

How to get Search Engine Indexing to your blogs or websites?

The first thing that bloggers and webmasters think is whether their blog or website will get search engine indexing and they will get good traffic or not. Getting visitors to your page from search engine is not easy because it depends on lot of factors.

It is important to notify search engines when you register for a new domain and start a new website. You need to do a small amount of work in order to let the search engines know about your websites which doesn’t cost anything. Make sure you are not paying any money for search engine indexing of your website.

First you need to  complete your website with basic content and make sure there is no broken link or error pages. Now, you can submit your website to search engines through

sitemapsYou can invite Robots to your website by linking it to some other websites which is already indexed and gets regularly indexed. When you get link from other websites, the robots which visit that website will also follow your new website. Then, index your content and store as cache pages.

There is a free Sitemap Generation tool called Auditmypc which is a free online sitemap generation tool. It starts scanning all the pages of your website and creates a sitemap file for them automatically. For this you need to enter your domain name and click on the crawler to get started.

Once your sitemap is created, you can login to your webmaster tools account. And click on the Sitemaps then Add Sitemap option. Then submit the link to your sitemaps file and it will be crawled within a few hours.

This is the easiest way to  index your new website without paying to anyone. There are many other ways like using WordPress ping list, finding if your page is cached or not. You can pinging google if you want to notify lot of search engines whenever your blogs are updated.


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