Improve Search Rankings With Copywriting

Improve Search Rankings With Copywriting

When people are looking for any sort of information, service or product, they simply address Google. The procedure is so common that this process has already received a steady expression “just google it”.

Unsurprisingly, Google became one of the key customer acquisition channels. Good-quality content in a form of blogs, educative guides, and posts is a great instrument to get traffic and consequently convert it into sales.

Thus, the higher your website page ranks, the more traction and orders you get. It is worth mentioning that the first three positions in the search results get more than 50% of all the clicks.

Below are core methods that will allow you to increase your content search ranking.

Invest in your content

First and foremost, the quality of your content is the essence of any further web page ranking. This may sound logical, but many underestimate this aspect. Google is oriented on making people’s life easier, so the system values great content pieces. Even if you apply SEO strategies or promote your web page, it will not bring necessary results with irrelevant or poor-quality information.

Make sure you create interesting, useful, unique, and professionally and clearly written content for your target audience.

Analyze your traffic potential

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and find out what information they actually search for. These topics can be tested with the help of tools like SEMRush Rank or Google Keyword Planner. There, you can discover traffic potential for terms related to your field. Select the topics to write about based on the search volume of the related keywords.

Structure your content well

Content structure is a very important aspect that can boost time spent on a page. The way you present your information matters to the reader. Make sure, it is well-organized, logically narrated, and uses enough elements for structuring like bullet points, lists, tables, etc. Including the navigation inside the article also works great for enhancing the reader’s experience.

Supplement your content with “bucket brigades”

Bucket brigades are the phrases aimed to increase the time spent on a web page. These words keep people stick to the content. Thus, once you feel the reader is about to leave include something like:

  • Bottom line
  • You might be wondering
  • Key insight
  • Here’s the deal
  • To make a point

Increase your content length

Google algorithm incorporates a complex system to search for compelling articles. The observation states that content with over 2,000 words usually ranks higher and receives more links and shares than short blog posts.

Consider “People Also Ask” boxes in your content

As you might notice, Google uses special boxes to address the most related questions to a particular topic. So, why not answer them in your content, especially if you can share some expertise in this domain?

Optimize your article with keywords

The rule of thumb is to put your main keywords in a few places on your web page. In order to increase your ranking, include these phrases in the article’s URL, title, headings, and content.

As well, add LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content naturally. They help Google to understand what your web page is about.

Work on SEO elements related to your content

Besides writing useful content, it is necessary to consider other SEO elements. Don’t forget to write a catchy and coherent web page meta tag description, browser title, and headings.

For a better ranking, you may also try using some key phrases from relevant Adword Ads or words like “fast”, “simple”, “step-by-step” etc. This will definitely increase the CTR (click-through-rate), namely the number of clicks to your web page, organically.

Build and grow backlinks to your content

No one really knows how Google ranks its results. The company invested billions to build the most sophisticated search engine. What distinguishes top-ranking content from other web pages is its backlinks. Backlinks are “votes” from other websites that link to your article. These votes increase trust in your content and Google places your content higher in search results.

Work on getting more backlinks by networking with other credible resources.

Plan your content strategy ahead

Stay consistent with your content publishings and updates. The amount of content adds up to the total traffic to your blog which is called a compound effect of content marketing. Therefore keep being committed, publish useful content on a regular basis, as well as expand your published articles with details and updates over time.

Extra Insight: increase social signals of your content

You can multiply your efforts by spreading the word about your content with a few extra steps. Sending email updates, sharing your content on social media and related communities will definitely drive more visitors to your website. As well, you may try addressing industry influencers. If your content is worthy, they may help to promote it.

Hopefully, these tips will help to increase your positions in Google, generate more leads, and build a stronger connection with your readers.

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