Top 10 SEO trends that we should follow in 2018

Top 10 SEO trends that we should follow in 2018

Top 10 SEO trends that we should follow in 2018

Search engines are becoming more intelligent. Google is now answering more and more search questions directly on the search results pages, and the number of voice activated searches is increasing. Website operators are concerned that they may have to drastically change their optimization strategies. So that you know what to watch out for when optimizing your website this year, we have summarized the top SEO trends for 2018.



Page speed or site speed is the measurement of how fast the contents of your page or site loads. Internet users really care about the speed a site or page takes to load.

The faster it gets the better the satisfaction. In a rush, a faster loading site is all we want. From 2010 google uses the loading speed as a ranking factor for the desktop searches but now from July 2018 onward page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.Speed is now the topmost SEO trend we should follow in 2018.



Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an open-source coding standard for publishers. AMP has been out for a while now and claimed to have two benefits for SEO.

First one, it has a “fast” level designation on search page results, an icon that marks the snippet is an AMP. The second one, it might be a ranking factor in near future for mobile searches. AMP being almost as important as speed and with growing mobile users, it is definitely one of the top SEO trends in 2018.

Google’s Mobile First Index:

Google’s Mobile First Index:

Over the past two years, Google has shown that the focus is increasingly on mobile. This is not surprising considering that the number of users accessing the internet on mobile devices has risen significantly, and now exceed the number of desktop users when it comes to search. However, mobile optimization only became a ranking factor in 2016. In 2017, Google finally kicked off the promotion of Accelerated Mobile Pages and improved its mobile update, and it has been announced that the “Mobile First Index” will be implemented in 2018 Accordingly, Google would prefer to use the page version in the mobile index, which is optimized for mobile devices.

If your website is not yet optimized for mobile devices, you should definitely make sure of this for 2018.



Schema or structured data is a vocabulary of tags that you can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines represent your website in SERPs. it enhances the search results and creates rich snippets for the user. There is no evidence that schema has a direct effect on search ranking. But rich snippets do make your every page appear more prominently in SERPs which gives your website the improved visibility. Also leads you to improved click-through rates, making schema one of the top SEO trends in 2018.



A Chatbot is a program that is created to engage in conversations with people online. it can use artificial intelligence to create a conversation with users in an online environment such as a chat box or other chat interfaceand  increases user engagement of a website, also it helps to rank on Search Engines. There are a number of uses of Chatbots in SEO. 3 of the most common uses are –

Instant Messaging – As most of the Chatbots are text-based they are being used on the various platform for instant messaging. Saving the time and also making the website more user-friendly by being available 24×7.

Marketing and Promotion – It makes sense that organizations are using Chatbots for marketing and promotion. Companies like Disney, Pizzahut, tacobell, dominos using the chatbots for a long now. Making the customer service available 24×7 and also promoting smoothly.

Customer Support – Many companies using Chatbots as customer support. Customer service bots can replace the live chat with an agent also customer service bots can be used as third parties. Companies like twitter offering other companies a customer service Chatbots that companies can use while sending customers direct messages.

It’s about time the sites with live chat will sooner or later replace it with the Chatbot mechanics to get better and faster result by making themselves available 24×7. Chatbot is definitely one of the top SEO trends in 2018.

Link Optimization:

Link Optimization is a process by which inbound, outbound and internal links are optimized for users as well as search engine algorithms to determine the relevance of web page content.

Relevant anchor text optimization, words that contain keywords for optimization is the key. Link Optimizations are used to link a specific content from other pages through hyperlinks.

Internal links are used to link your webpage content through other web pages and external link optimization is done to link other web pages through a hyperlink on your webpage. Link optimization is very important to grow traffic on your page which definitely makes it one of the top SEO trends in 2018.

Voice Search:

voice search

As more and more users are using the google voice search feature specifically mobile users Voice search is now becoming one of the important parts of SEO.

Optimizing voice searches to connect with the user is the new trend as Google algorithm using the voice searches to decide SERPs, this makes Voice Search one of the top SEO trend in 2018.

Content is Still King:


Even though Google’s algorithms are constantly improving, it still needs textual content to determine the relevance of web pages to a search query. that  has improved enormously in recent years regarding the analysis of textual content, using the latest technology with Rank Brain to better understand content.

This increase in quality will continue in 2018, because the system will learn increasingly on its own. Your goal should therefore be to continue offering the best content on your topic on the internet.

Practical tips for 2018

Test your texts continuously, and ensure that they are unique and offer the user added value. TF*IDF can help with the analysis and creation of texts. This shows you which terms texts should contain to make them as relevant as possible for a particular search term.

Improved UI/UX:


User Interface and User Experience will always be one of the top most important factor of SEO. UI includes screens, pages, buttons and all the other visual element that a user interacts with. The easier it is the better.

User-friendly UI is very important. UX is the experience that a user has while interacting with your webpage, it can also include UI and how user-friendly it is but it can incorporate much more, It’s all about giving the user an easier to navigate experience and a less tiring process while navigating through a webpage.

UI and UX have always been an important part of SEO and in 2018 it’s still definitely one of the top trends in SEO.

Video Content:


Video contents are getting more importance day by day as users moving towards video content more than reading blogs.

YouTube is getting more important as a search engine now as users searching “how to anything” videos on YouTube more than searching blogs. With video content getting more important, it’s becoming one of the most important parts of SEO and definitely on the top 10 list of SEO trends in 2018.

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