3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Videos for Social Media

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Videos for Social Media


Videos fit on social media like a glove and are one of the best types of content to publish if aiming to attract and engage a large following. However, people often make mistakes when creating social media videos, as they end up reducing their effectiveness.

If you’re creating videos for social media, there are 3 mistakes that you must avoid:

Creating videos that are way too long

The fact of the matter is that the average social media user doesn’t have much of an attention span and won’t sit through a video that is too long. In fact, in many cases, as soon as they realize a video is long, they may stop watching altogether.

That is why it is best to create videos that are short and concise. Although the optimal duration for social media videos varies based on numerous factors, aiming for videos that are about 60 seconds or less is a good idea in most cases.

Relying too heavily on a voiceover

A significant number of social media users nowadays watch videos with the volume muted or turned down – especially on mobile devices. Because of that, if your video relies too heavily on a voiceover to get its message across. It is unlikely to be able to engage viewers.

Instead of being fully reliant on a voiceover, it is best to try to deliver the message more visually. It can help to add subtitles or captions as well, to provide an alternative to the voiceover.

Not optimizing the video for the platform

Every social media platform is different, and your video must be optimized for it. That includes the video duration, aspect ratio, and other specifications. As well as the content, message, and style of the video.

Republishing the same video on multiple social media platforms is not a good idea. In most cases, the video won’t perform that well. It would be better if you repurpose your videos. Tailor them for each platform that you want to publish them on instead. For example, you could have a 60-second video for Facebook, but create a short 15-second version for Instagram.

Creating videos is easier than ever nowadays either by recording conventional videos with your smartphone or digital camera, or using a screen recorder to capture your screen. There are even suites of software that will provide you with everything you need to both record and edit a video, such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio as an example.


Regardless of the method that you use to create your video, however, make sure that you avoid the mistakes listed above. If you do avoid them, you’ll find that your videos perform much better and are able to attract and engage more viewers. In short: avoiding these mistakes will let you take full advantage of the potential content that you publish on social media.

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