Easy Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Posts

Easy Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Posts

Posting to social media is more than just writing content and posting it.

You need to make sure the content is interesting, has images, and make other optimizations that make your content readable, sharable. Most importantly—convincing and convertible.

Here are the 7 easy ways to optimize social media content. These are meant to be easy and actionable social media optimization tips that you can implement.

Add images and videos to your social media posts

For optimizing social media posts add photos, videos, and other visual media to your posts. This is proven to increase engagement on your posts. For example, Tweets with images are 150% more likely to be engaged with than those without.

Use a visual media tool like Canva or Adobe Spark to create your content quickly. These tools are drag-and-drop, so you can make graphics, banner images, and more from your web browser without an expensive Photoshop license.

Alternatively, use royalty-free images and videos in your post. Social Report’s media library integrates directly with GIPHY and Pixabay, so you can pull royalty-free content into your posts without scouting around the web.

But whatever you do, just make sure you’re embracing visual media. This will optimize your social media posts and get them in front of more new eyes.

Optimize your social media profiles

This means filling out your name and bio as well as adding a cover photo and profile pic. This will make your profile look legitimate so people will know that they’re on your brand’s profile—not some imposter’s account.

Additionally, make sure your bio gives your readers a good understanding of what your brand does. Use popular keywords and hashtags too—this will help your brand come up in search results on Twitter and other social networks.

Think of this as adding keywords to an article or marketing landing page to rank in Google.

Do social media keyword research

Likewise, find popular keywords to use in your social media posts.

Look for keywords that people are actively sharing and searching for. You can do this by making an educated guess as to what your audience is looking for.

Make a list of these terms by searching through competitor profile. Find which competitor messages are working well, and pull the buzzwords from them. In our case, we’d pull keywords like “social media marketing”, “Instagram marketing”, etc.

Then create a Search Agent for these terms in Social Report. In a few hours, you’ll be presented with a look at the keyword’s post frequency, total reach, and influencers.

If there’s a high frequency, the keyword is being used frequently and likely being searched for just as often. Consider using these high-reach and high-frequency keywords in your own posts to ensure they pop up when people are searching for industry terms.

Optimize your posts with hashtags

Speaking of keywords, make sure you’re (appropriately) using hashtags in your social media posts.

This will get your posts in front of people looking for a specific thing—especially on Instagram and Twitter.

You can use the same method as keyword research for finding keywords: look at what your competitors are hashtagging, prove them in a Search Agent, and use them in your post.

Just one word of advice: don’t overdo it. Too many hashtags—especially on Twitter—will make your post look spammy. So just hashtag what you need.

Post at the right times (but don’t guess)

There’s long been a debate on when to post to social media. And there’s really only one answer: it varies from profile to profile.

Your audience is different than everyone else’s. This means your social media followers are using social at unique times, so you need to make sure you’re finding the best time to post for your audience—not someone else’s.

Republish evergreen content for max reach

You post awesome content—and that’s great. But make sure you’re posting it more than once so you can reach all of your audience.

Republishing old content is a great way to optimize your social media posts. Doing this gets your content in front of people that are in different time zones or are otherwise offline when you first post.

One easy way to do this is to republish high-quality content overnight. Then, your followers on the other side of the world will still have a shot at seeing your new content.

We recommend doing this with your cornerstone blog posts, evergreen infographics, and videos. These are engaging and worthy of posting more than once.

Embrace location tagging

Location tagging on Facebook and Instagram posts is extremely important to optimizing social media posts.

In fact, Instagram posts with a location tag get 79% more engagement than posts without them.

So with that in mind: make sure that all of your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts have a location tag on them.

When you do this, your posts will show up in search results for said location. So tag locations that people are likely to search for—for example, if you have an office in Midtown Manhattan, tag “Midtown” instead of the exact address.


Use these methods in-tandem, and you’ll find that your social media will posts convert, have higher reach, and overall become a better marketing tool.

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